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By the time this request is fulfilled, that would likely include reports on June 12, June 19 and June 26.

Thanks, -Hillary.​​I would like to know the protocol for an inmate with type one diabetes.

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More specifically the protocol for when the inmate has an extreme low.

I would also like to know the protocol for when the facility is on lock down.

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How does the inmate receive their shots and how often are their blood sugars monitored.

​I hereby request copies of all records containing the following information on: Name: Robert La Voy Finicum DOB: January 27, 1961 Place of Birth: Kanab, Utah DOD: January 26, 2016 Place of Death: Harney County, Oregon​Columbia Riverkeeper requests copies of all records possessed by the office of Regional Solutions, including it officials or staff, related to potential future rail track or rail infrastructure development or repairs at or near Port Westward, Oregon. Kate Brown's action plan for addressing problems with Oregon's Medicaid eligibility computer project, also known as ONE IE&ME.

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