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For the vast majority of time series, whether fossil trends in ocean sediments or stable-isotopes in ice cores, rectifying this error would shift the estimated age of layers only by a few percent in either direction.In many cases, the time series would be unaffected altogether, because so many independent methods exist to date these layers of rock and ice.

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Speleothems are well-proven archives of terrestrial climate variation, recording mean temperature, rainfall, and surface vegetation data at subannual to millennial resolution.

They also form within the generally stable environment of caves, and thus may remain remarkably well preserved for many millions of years and, most important, can be dated radiometrically to provide robust chronologies that do not rely on orbital tuning, ice-flow modeling, or estimates of sediment deposition rates.

What would this challenge mean if the team’s age results relied on faulty dating techniques? The team interpreted this to mean that the extinct ape was evolving human-like teeth.

However, extinct Australopiths and other full-on apes also had tooth roots that bent inward, not outward.

The recent adaptation of the U-Pb dating technique to speleothems has greatly extended their potential as paleoclimate recorders back into the more distant geological past, well beyond the ∼500 k.y.

limit previously imposed by U-series techniques, but the opportunities presented by these new methods have yet to be fully explored.

Often, researchers will transfer age assignments from a published geologic chart to local field observations.

This process usually requires the local sediment record to be selectively stretched or shrunk to fit the textbook’s timescale.

The core also preserves the location of the Australasian tektites, and the Matuyama-Brunhes boundary with Bayesian age-depth models used to determine the ages of these events, c. Linear age-depth extrapolation, allowing for uncertainties associated with potential hiatuses in five different terrestrial sections, defines a geomagnetic reversal age of 789 ± 6 ka.

Considering our data with respect to the previously published age data for the Matuyama-Brunhes boundary of Sagnotti et al.

has featured a critique of dating methods used to correlate proxies for climate change over the last few millions of years.


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