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As a young adult, NAME was sure that THEIR planet and its people were nearing their time of transcendence.

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Currently there are over 100 childhood backstories and about 30 adult backstories.

Several adult backstories are not available in the character creation phase, but can randomly appear on raiders and wanderers.

That’s the word from CBS Interactive CEO Jim Lanzone, who discussed what’s coming up on CBS All Access with Recode Media’s Peter Kafka.

Theoretically, you could be seeing and hearing such things in the online-only shows that’ll be part of CBS’ “Star Trek” reboot.

All colonists will have a childhood backstory, but only colonists generated at age 20 or older will have an adulthood backstory.

Teenage colonists that age naturally to 20 years old will not gain an adulthood backstory.The online versions of “Star Trek” will be part of a -a-month subscription package.“Star Trek: Discovery,” due to make its debut on CBS next May, takes place on a timeline that’s set 10 years before the events of the original series (which aired 50 years ago). ” “Whatever future swearing, 300 years in the future, would be.” “I’m much more excited about ‘Star Trek’ now than I thought I was.” Truth be told, titillation has been part of the “Star Trek” experience from the beginning.Katia was still pregnant when she returned, but on account of the drugs and abuse she endured at the hands of her traffickers, she had to terminate her pregnancy. _______________________ Austin, Tex.: Are these girls getting therapy after they return home?Ric Bienstock: Yes, there are currently many NGOs working on helping the victims when they return home, but resources are scarce so there is always room for improvement."We would need to be three times as many police to be able to do anything about it." Newspaper reported earlier this week that human traffickers had gone from "just" selling sex to selling women as lifelong slaves.


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