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The neuroscientist authors, Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, peeped into a billion web searches, a million websites, more than a million XXX videos and stories, tens of thousands of e-romance novels and online comments, millions of personal ads and numerous fan fiction sites.

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Some women might want to make a game of it in their own bedroom, and some men might ask a partner to dress up in a little uniform (or put one on themselves).

They don’t desire actual rape, abuse or scandal, just as women aroused by Japanese tentacle erotica—whether Hokusai’s undulatory nineteenth-century , fruit of a vast, nerdy survey of how people use Internet sex sites, to pronounce that what men and women look for when nobody is watching tells a lot about what they want.

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Some may just head to local strip clubs and bars whereas others may visit brothels or arrange meetings with local sex workers.

Female African sex tourists tend to be more interested in meeting with locals in a non-sexual environment for the purposes of having a holiday-fling.

Not that I actually desired to have sex with an old dead man, either. Any more than I desired to be bitten by a flea—or ravaged by a swan, maddened by lust and murder à la Lady Macbeth, prostrate before a martyr whose feet I would bathe with my tears and dry with my hair: all scenes that quickened my imagination, and whose poetic, painterly or scriptural vessels I drank from repeatedly for the pure transporting pleasure of their contents.

Once grown, I supposed that contemporary porno or romance novels, both unalluring to me, were exciting to others for the same reason: the thrill of the mind’s wanderings into the out-of-bounds; fantasy, not desire.

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