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The state's chief psychiatrist Murray Wright said he was equally shocked."I can't speak for what was happening in the minds of those nurses but I think it's an absolutely appalling incident," he said.

Her Snapchat is a good source of no-nonsense advice for those considering a career change, or for those in need of a motivation boost.

Greystones restauranteurs David and Stephen Flynn don’t mess about – if you’re mentally able to watch them get up EVERY MORNING to see the sun rise, or do yoga half-naked, these are the guys for you.

Dr Wright said he would prefer not to see mentally ill patients locked up in seclusion rooms like the one Miriam Merten was placed in.

Locum doctors and nurses will be banned from setting themselves up as private companies so they can dodge taxes, under new NHS rules.

Jean Gay, from Barbados, recalls being attacked by Teddy Boys in a fish and chip shop after her shift.

One heartbreaking aspect of the show is the focus on the nurses who sacrificed their families for their work.

When she’s not swatching lipsticks, her kids – Maxim and Seren – take centre stage, and are big fans of the filters.

A Kerry gal living in New York, Erika is wise for her young years.

I knew all about the Tudor kings and read Shakespeare.


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