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S., Letchworth State Park, whose gorge is renowned as the "Grand Canyon of the East," as the Genesee River roars through it over three major waterfalls between cliffs as high as 600 feet surrounded by lush forests.

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The Ursula Forem Domestic Violence Program Employment Fellowship Did you know that work products developed by the Ursula Forem Fellows are available to New York State domestic violence service providers?

Our new Ursula Forem Program page provides information about the Fellowship program, a list of current and past recipients and details about Fellow work products.

- Periodicals covering a broad range of material: arts, business, education, general reference, health, law, literature, medicine, sciences, social sciences, technology, and other subjects. The list of records available is located in the bottom left corner of the New York web page.

Descriptions of the records as well as the holding organizations are provided through the links and logos on the page.

Highlights include our feature article, “Sexual Assault: A Legal Perspective,” and a Q&A with a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

This issue also provides information about the State’s Forensic Rape Exam Direct Reimbursement Program, an explanation of the State’s response to campus sexual assault, and an important legislative update about sexual assault evidence kits.

To find additional items related to women's history, including those that have been added to the New York State Library's collection since this list was created, do a SUBJECT search on WOMEN in the catalog.

Correspondence between the mountain climbers and Grace Hudowalski, longtime secretary and historian for the organization.

Included are the deed to the seminary property, the Articles of Association, reports to the State Board of Regents, 1843-1848, trustees minute books, 1828-1849, and a registry of students, 1829-1861. Alden recounts her founding four years earlier of "The Only Woman's Page," the first page in a newspaper devoted exclusively to news of interest to women.


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