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Please take your own measurements and choose your size accordingly.

Stephanie Wilby, 22, broke the unwritten swimming pool law by feeding her son, Leo, while bobbing about in the shallows.

The British Gas employee was asked to leave by management and told breastfeeding in the baths was "unhygienic" and akin to "urinating" in the water. Clearly breastfeeding in the pool isn't "unhygienic", nor does it pass as "indecent exposure".

This is a serious affliction contracted during maternity leave - you can forget the day of the month, your PIN number (very embarrasing at the checkout in Tesco) and, more often than not, your manners.

Us mums can become so obsessed with nurturing the little ones that we forget how to treat the big ones.

I was asking people to take their clothes off all day long, for medical procedures.

I had seen so many naked men, I was completely desensitised to one more man with his gear off, even though this experience was rather out of my usual context.

As he went over the hill to find survey pegs, I sat on a bank enjoying the sunshine. As I gazed at the water, quite suddenly a man appeared from down in the bushes, walking towards me – stark naked!

He stood in front of me for a few moments, jiggling his ‘bits’.

It took all of those moments to realise – he’s flashing at me!

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