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Most of my career has been in web development, but ever since I was a young lad slinging code in upstate New York, I've dreamed of making games. I was certainly happy, for obvious reasons, but another part of me was truly terrified. "Paying off my debt" was my prime motivating factor for a large part of my adult life, and now that it was going to be paid off -- except for my mortgage -- I had some digging to do. :-) Around this same time, my older sister was going through her own self-actualization. Until a question would bubble up to awareness, demanding a tiny experiment: Off to Lowes! Throw away all my food, and cram what I need into the fridge. We used a grommet to try and protect the 12 gauge wire from rubbing against the metal edge. Quick side note: We were happy to find duct insulation for the ceiling.

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My name is Sean, and I'm a 32 year old software developer. I couldn't blame my situation on the idea that I had to pay my bills, because all my bills were under my complete control. And what is this nagging dreadful feeling of death and doom that I feel looming over me, all the time? " "Hell, if I was travelling all the time, I could buy food fresh, every other day..." "What about using the restroom? Maybe not as clean, but not the end of the world..." Slowly, my subconscious mind, sorting out all these little details... I didn't see what the big deal was, but I suppose it was pretty easy for me -- I just watched, for the most part. First, the hole for the wiring for the solar panels.

I will be documenting the build process in chronological order. We used 3M spray contact adhesive to glue it to the floor.

This means the pictures will progress correctly, and make sense. We tried coming up with different clever ways of attaching a roof rack...

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