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However, the company also acknowledged that consumers with unmodified consoles are also having the same problem.

Unfortunately, it's not a simple fix, and forces Wii owners to call the support hot-line to schedule a repair."If you're experiencing problems with your Wii console after downloading Wii System Menu 4.2, and you believe your system has not been modified, please give us a call," the company said.

UPDATE ONE: Nintendo have denied that they are halting production on their latest console, the Wii U.

tl;dr: Smash data and firmware are the only thing taking up space on my Wii U but I can't transfer or delete existing Smash data to make room for more Smash data I've got an 8GB Wii U Basic and want to play Smash.

It has a new update today to support Corrin and all that so I try to boot up the game.

The Wii U was launched in November 2012 and has managed 12 million consoles sold worldwide.

The new console has been predicted to land later in 2016 and could even arrive as part of a dual launch, a portable device arriving within month, followed by a home console in 2017.

It's the only thing stored on my Wii U besides KB large save files so I figure I'll transfer it to my 1TB drive but..."You cannot select software that is being updated or downloaded" appears.

Makes sense, but I paused and deleted the new update from Download Management and I still can't touch the old update file for whatever reason.

Company president Tatsumi Kimishima said this summer that confusion around the Wii U’s connection to the older, wildly popular console contributed to its disappointing returns and failure to grasp that same audience.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo about the reported final Wii U shipments.

Basically, it's impossible to clear space since the only things that could make space on the system are 1)Smash update data that can't be touched 2) data that came from mandatory Wii U updates and can't be touched.


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