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The information below on the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Waitangi, the Charter of 1839 and the Charter of 1840 are all taken from the documents held at Archives New Zealand, which I am sure you as Chief Activist (Acting) and Marilyn Little as Chief Activist will be fully aware of our true history and the role each document played in New Zealand becoming a British Colony; a Nation in its own right under one flag and one law, irrespective of race, colour or creed.Why was the Declaration of Independence moved to the exhibit when it was only an unauthorised document written by James Busby that was a complete failure as he could only gather 52 signatures over 4 years?This is a timeline of the history of New Zealand that includes only events deemed to be of principal importance – for more detailed information click the year heading or refer to List of years in New Zealand.

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Business and banking were supported by a Jewish population.

Other minorities who have retained much of their culture are Polish, Lebanese, Yugoslav, and Dutch.

Therefore, Marilyn Little’s letter of the 2 June 2017 does not answer the ONZF’s Official Information Act request.

See attached disc title supplied by the Chief Archivist, Archives New Zealand.

A medical clinic and chemist are also in the main shopping area.

The wharf is a hive of activity with Paihia ferries, game fishing boats, tours and boats refueling coming and going.Hours can be spent in the museum tracing the towns history from the first European settlers, whaling and marine history.Even the headstones at New Zealand's first church have a story to tell. On the 17 April 2017 the Constitution Room at Archives New Zealand was dismantled and our historic documents separated with the Declaration of Independence, the Tiriti o Waitangi and the Women’s Suffrage Petition being moved under darkness to the new taxpayer funded .2 million exhibit at the National Library, Wellington, while all our true Constitutional documents being filed away with over 6 million documents in Archive’s repository where the government hopes they will soon be forgotten and lost for ever.The three documents moved to the Absolutely nothing!In 1642, the Dutchman Abel Tasman named the land Staten Island.


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