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By Haroon Balogun As a demonstration of modesty and obedience to Allah, Muslim girls and women wear head coverings called “hijabs,” particularly when in public. For Muslims, wearing a headscarf is not only about religious expression, it is strictly religious obligation; and if the constitution freely provides for freedom to exercise one’s faith according to section 38 (1) of the 1999 constitution, then where lies the tolerance so claimed by non-Muslims?

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It is stated in the Ahadith that the Curse of Almighty Allah is upon those women who dress or imitate men.

A woman should try to keep her hair clean and tidy if it is long.

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For Muslim artist Hiba Schahbaz, drawing nudes was a different challenge altogether.

She grew up in Pakistan, which made it impossible for her to find a woman who would pose as her subject.

Today, women cut their hair short like those of men.

It is Haraam for a woman to cut her hair, to dress un-Islamically or imitate men.

Nigeria is not the only country where discrimination against the hijab wearing women exists but it becomes so tensed in this society merely because of the intolerance of many non-Muslims.

They see Hijab as a threat to their religious evangelism, It is not about civilisation like many critics of Hijab are wont to say, it is about obeying your creator and exhibiting your self identity as a Muslim.

Anyone who sees her will know that she is a Muslim and has a good moral character distinct from the half naked ladies who have only abused a culture of decency and morality in the way to turn out in the public.

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