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Excitement surges when you contemplate turning her around to see her beautifully petite bottom held inside sheer panties, your cock swelling at the prospect of a little butt crack visible underneath. It seemed appropriate that Sam had also entered that stage of development where she seemed to be all arms and legs and big feet from a growth spurt, sort of awkward, just like the puppy. Are you sure you don't have anything other than this Coors crap? Jill was fussing around, gathering the makings of an early dinner, a bar-b-que I was supposed to handle. Listen," she added as I moved back to get my beer, "thanks for babysitting." "No prob. But, in the past few years my dreams had been invaded by Sam. But every time I did, Sam's hand would reach out and guide the glass to her lips for a sip. Sam broke the kiss suddenly, her eyes wide in surprise. It was amazing to feel an eleven-year-old press her tongue into my mouth. I shuddered when she let me suck her little tongue. Blood pounds in your ears when you think about slipping your hand inside those sexy, sexy panties and feeling silky young skin and, oh, a preteen's pussy, a young little pussy, a hairless marvel of nature, a perfect sexy handful, something you've dreamed about. Late-afternoon sun felt warm on my skin, a perfect temperature, not too hot. I loved fire, such a manly thing, so I had no problem grilling. She used to be slender but childbirth had added some width to her hips, some substance to her frame. Her acrimonious divorce had added lines to her face. Her dark brown hair was cut to shoulder-length, straight and thick. The combination of her sparklingly attractive personality, her intensely attractive face, and her boundless energy appealed to me deeply, much more than Kate ever had. While I knew Jill would have frowned at Sam drinking, what could a few sips do? Kids in Europe had wine with the rest of their family at dinner. Somehow, distracted by a movie and Sam cuddling to my side, she'd consumed almost half a bottle! ." Her smiling lips shut me up, sweet eyes twinkling as we kissed again. She grinned at me and slammed her mouth against mine, her tongue friskily exploring the shape of my lips. Sam could kiss better than any female I'd ever kissed, by far. As we kissed, as my erection strained and ached, confined in tight jeans, as a sexy little nymph pressed her pussy to my groin, my hand found the tail of her blouse. And, could it get any better than when, as you look closer, you see the beginning of a small cleft formed by plump labia? ********** I watched Samantha charge across the green lawn chasing Ralph, their new black Labrador Retriever puppy. I'll come get it." Rising, I took another look at Sam, dark brown hair now streaming out behind her as she raced towards the wooden fence at the end of the yard, Ralph barking in excitement, ears flapping as he tried to escape. Although, this was the first time I was going to have to stay overnight for three nights. Jill had run over the rules with Sam, "Listen to Uncle Paul and behave." She'd gone over the rules with me, "Behave, Paul," and wagged a threatening finger at me. Finally she gave up, finished washing, giggled when Ralph started licking her wet legs, turned the water off and grabbed two towels. " she said, wrapping him in a towel and drying hard. I loved how they were so suggestive, so full of promises of untold erotic delights, so sexy. They appealed to me strongly, my erection straining as I pictured Sam wearing them. Initially I'd been attracted to my eleven and twelve year old class mates, lovely girls with bright personalities and sexy clothes. I was sexually drawn to little girls, prepubescent and just pubescent girls. My hand slipped to her front, caressing warm, bare skin. I touched Sam's freshly formed little boobs and shook at how sexy they were. Holding her carefully, lovingly, I turned and lay back along the couch. "You're hard," she said, reinforcing what she was talking about by pressing her crotch to the bulge of my erection. Her pleated skirt draped over her thighs and my stomach, her knees exposed at my sides. Determined to be ultra cautious, I smiled and took deep, calming breaths. She seemed to have a look of expectancy, as if she was waiting for something, her adoring eyes bathing me with warmth and love.

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THERE'S NOTHING SEXIER THAN sheer little panties on a young girl. " I fiddled with the charcoal, mounding it and squirting a liberal amount of lighter fluid on the pile. I had time to put my beer down and close my legs to protect the jewels before she threw herself into my lap, Ralph jumping excitedly, yapping with enthusiasm. " Sam asked breathlessly, grinning broadly, dimples and all. An early dinner of ribs had been well received by all, including Ralph who somehow got a bone to gnaw at, his tail wagging with pleasure and Sam trying to look innocent. I had a willing and enthusiastic helper in bringing in plates and dishes from the patio. SAM RACED TO SHOWER and change, her heart pattering. He collapsed sideways with a yip and scrambled to get back on his feet. I picked up the socks transferring them to my left hand and slowly reached for the panties. It didn't matter to me if they were granny panties, satin, bikini, French cut, or plain. I loved how they looked, worn or not, and how they felt. My hand slipped back around her, holding her to me. Eventually Sam stirred and rose into a sitting position astride me. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, but wisps had come loose to fall at each side of her pretty face. But, I was aware that the intense desire I was feeling was clouding my judgement of her willingness.

The way they cosset small pussies and pretend to protect modesty yet let you see the full glorious shape of an immature hairless mound underneath is really quite stunning. Honestly, I've babysat before." I wasn't sure why she was so nervous about it. There had followed a flurry of activity which I'd avoided by staying out in the yard. " "Nope, clean up first," I responded, smiling at her cute frown. But, when washing started, Sam took off like she was on fire. Sam was screaming with laughter and excitement as she desperately tried to grab Ralph and shove him out. " she asked as Ralph curled up at the base of the couch, finally pooped out from a full day of chasing and being chased. I loved panties for how they hugged and accentuated the secret parts of females' bodies, outlining sexy curves, chastely hiding womanly charms from sight. I found little nubs, small, small nubs of prepubescent breasts. "Sam, Sam," I murmured as she nestled her face back against my neck. A pretty face with slightly inflamed lips and adoring eyes stared down at me. " Sam giggled, blushed slightly again, so attractive. Her blouse was un-tucked, slightly askew, tails out. I was probably reading signs of her desire that weren't really there.

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Although they are recorded in Ukraine with ordinary people, signs are in English (obviously to facilitate international distribution of the episodes) which reduces the credibility that the presented situations are real and raises suspicions that they are fake - Source.

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The series is broadcast on TV channels in several other countries. The more common is an attractive woman or sexually awkward person appears and people's reactions are filmed.

The other variant is where a prank is played on an unsuspecting person.

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