Multiboot usb flash drive updatings version

This page explains procedures and methods to create a USB bootable drive or install Kodi into a USB flash drive.

The instructions are written for Kodibuntu, but may work for other installs with ISO images.

multiboot usb flash drive updatings version-74

For a complete list of what you can include on your USB drive, check out their supported sources page.

There is one important note from that page worth calling out.

It is really very simple to create multi Live Linux distro in a single disc.

Create a folder in your home folder and name it as Above commands will execute

Simply download and double clicking on the executable should launch Multi Boot USB.2.

Multi Boot USB is released under General Public Licence (GPL).

If it allows more systems and multiple ISOs it would be awesome) What method exists that I can use step by step to create a bootable USB Drive with multiple images than can be booted from the USB and selected from GRUB. Alternative, is there also a way to have multiple versions of the Ubuntu installation ISO on an USB Drive, such as, when booting from it, I get to choose what Ubuntu version and architecture to install, for example: "After googling around for few days i found this useful script from

is a shell script written by maybeway36 which enables two or more Live Linux distros / utilities to be able to boot from single CD/DVD.

Booting from a USB flash drive created with this utility will behave as if you had booted from the install CD.

It will show the language selection and then the install menu, from which you can install Kodibuntu onto the computer's hard drive or launch the Live USB environment.

This page or section has not been updated in a long time, no longer applies, refers to features that have been replaced/removed, and/or may not be reliable.


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