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The above modules together form a cohesive system to enable your company to easily handle all of the demands placed on you by the regulatory agencies.

We have been serving health and safety professionals such as yourself since 1985 and we continue to support you by updating our software as the industry and the regulations change.

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A good electronic system with a large database of safety data sheets makes finding MSDSs relatively quick and painless. More specifically, the knowledge, training and skill a person has is a commodity to the employer.

Better yet, once a good management system knows what products a company has, updates to safety data sheet are actually pushed to the customer. As such, it is a resource that needs to be managed.

For example, hazardous chemicals can enter a facility without safety officers’ or managers’ knowledge.

Also, manufacturers might update or change an MSDS and not send a revised version.

Risk Reduction It would be easy to think that most companies choose to manage their safety data sheets (MSDSs and SDSs) electronically because they are concerned with OSHA compliance or the transition to GHS.

As such, time spent doing menial tasks like looking through an MSDS binder to see what’s missing, then searching the internet for updated safety data sheets (or worse calling vendor after vendor to find updates), and when successful, standing at a copier making enough copies for every MSDS library in the facility is time wasted.

The biggest challenge for maintenance and engineering managers is maintaining up-to-date MSDS on hundreds of chemicals found throughout their facilities.

“Keeping MSDS up to date and knowing you’ve got all the material out there covered is the hardest part,” says Jerry Ivey, systems facility engineer for Willis-Knighton Health Systems in Shreveport, La.

A good system is also mobile enabled, providing real time access to the most important chemical information in realtime information you need on your tablet or handheld device. Think about your own company, how much money is spent paying highly trained people to do unskilled tasks?

For safety professionals, it is unavoidable that some of their time is going to be appropriated for menial tasks.

This is especially true for safety professionals who depending upon their industry have myriad critical compliance tasks they are responsible for.

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