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Rumors of her having plastic surgery were spread in the media, but she never confirmed it.

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Monica has plumped for the luxe-looking suede Bianca style.

Although they're currently unavailable online, if you click right you'll find the leather version which are equally as desirable. Louboutin's knee-high boot style has been replicated impressively well on the high-street, so check out our edit below to find your perfect pair.

Celebrities clicked on in real-time: 464,161,152 times.

1st Fire sign - 1st Cardinal sign (spring equinox) - Masculine In analogy with Mars, his ruler, and the 1st House Aries governs the head.

Married to French actor Vincent Cassel in 1999; they have two daughters, Deva (born 12 September 2004) and Léonie (born ).

Cassel and Bellucci announced their separation in August 2013.She has smooth feet which can make any men fall for her.She has given hot scene in some movies and her those roles she has looked very hot.She studied law at the University of Perugia, but Bellucci eventually abandoned her academic ambitions to model full-time.Bellucci worked for designers Dolce & Gabbana and appeared in such magazines as French ." Bellucci added, "True sexiness is in the mind, the imagination—not in the age of the body." Bellucci has two daughters, Deva and Leonie, with her second husband Vincent Cassel. Celebrities born the same day: Marion Cotillard, Jenna Elfman, Fran Drescher, Altan (cartoonist), Marc Bolan, Anthony Delon, Truman Capote, Basia (singer), Ezra Miller, Jean-Louis Debr, Angie Dickinson, Ral... Celebrities being the same height: Sandra Bullock, Cline Dion, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ingrid Chauvin, Ellen De Generes, Bob Dylan, Antonio Banderas, Steven Spielberg, Aaliyah, Jeff Buckley, Kim Basinger, Trent Reznor... Celebrities having the same aspect Mercury trine Jupiter (orb 003'): Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vincent van Gogh, Prince Harry of Wales, Katie Holmes, Muhammad Ali, Ian Somerhalder, Virgin Mary, Kourtney Kardashian, Eva Joly, Gordon Ramsay, Kate Hudson, Alexander Skarsgard... Celebrities having the same aspect Neptune conjunction Midheaven (orb 023'): Orlando Bloom, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Matt Damon, Angela Merkel, Abraham Lincoln, Frank Sinatra, Naomi Campbell, Dakota Fanning, Meg Ryan, Ayrton Senna, Ccile de Mnibus, Isabelle Huppert... Astrology Data Base updated Thursday, 6 July 2017 at pm, CEST52,569 celebrities and events, out of which 22,773 entries with a known time of birth.


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