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The bill, which would also bar access to body-cam and dash-cam videos while an investigation is ongoing, is awaiting Gov. Lawmakers in Kansas went even further, exempting all body-cam (and dash-cam) footage from mandatory disclosure under the state open-records law, just as South Carolina did last year.

People who are recorded by police videos, and their families and attorneys, will be able to view the footage.

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And you should also be aware of your rights and the rights of those around you.

Before you know exactly what rules apply to your drone, you need to determine how you'll be using it.

Up until a few weeks ago, pilots flying for fun were required to register any drone weighing more than 8 ounces with the FAA before taking it outdoors.

The cost was nominal, a $5 fee got you three years of registration for an unlimited amount of aircraft.

The ACLU says there is little supervision or control over the data that were recorded, usually without motorists realizing their locations have been recorded."This is a way to track all Americans all the time, regardless of whether they're accused of any wrongdoing," said Crump, calling the readers "the most widespread location tracking technology you've probably never heard of."One striking finding is the lack of standardized procedures for dealing with license plate information. 5.3 million, the State Patrol purges scanned data after 48 hours and has fewer than 20,000 license-plate readings on file, the ACLU found. 68,000, has 4.7 million license-plate scans on file and no policy for erasing them. Frank Morales says Milpitas, "is a small community, but we attract very many visitors.

We have a large mall here, the Great Mall," and that could account for the outsize number of license plate records.

Authorities cite public safety as the primary reason that the cameras are installed, which may increase the risk of rear-end collisions.

The elevated incentive to stop may mitigate broad-side crashes.

The debate over how to treat body-cam footage under sunshine laws raises questions about how to balance police accountability and the privacy interests of ordinary citizens.


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