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He and London architect Henry Holland built the house and updated the grounds.England’s largest private home, which may have inspired Darcy’s digs in ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ has been saved — Mansion Global (@Mansion Global) March 30, 2017Overlooking a 10-acre lake, part of Brown and Holland’s master plan, the grounds have recently been restored, as has the home’s facade.Many enigmatic discoveries have come out of the past that all point towards the possibility humans could have existed on Earth far sooner that what scholars have suggested.

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The Schweitzer paper is a “milestone,” says ancient protein expert Enrico Cap­pellini of the University of Copenhagen’s Natural History Museum of Denmark, who was skeptical of some of Schweitzer’s ear­lier work.

“I’m fully convinced beyond a reasonable doubt the evidence is authen­tic.” He calls the second study “a long shot that is suggestive.” But together, Cappellini and others argue, the papers have the po­tential to transform dinosaur paleontology into a molecular science, much as analyz­ing ancient DNA has revolutionized the study of human evolution.

Benham Park’s backstory starts in 956 when it was granted to Aelsige, a Saxon Warlord, by King Eadwig, according to the property’s brochure.

It was in and out of royal custody until 1575, when Queen Elizabeth I gave it to her beloved tutor, John Baptiste Castillion.

The plans for that project include a spa, plus 100 guest rooms and fine dining.

According to the listing, inquiries from potential investors will be considered in addition to an outright sale.

Then last year Cappellini and Matthew Col­lins, a paleoproteomics expert at the Uni­versity of York in the United Kingdom, and colleagues managed to identify protein fragments from 3.8-million-year-old ostrich egg shells, a claim that most of their colleagues found convincing.

Now, the case for dramatically older proteins seems to be firming up, too.

In 1630, it was sold to the Trustees of Sir William Craven, and in 1772, the young Lord William Craven and his wife, Elizabeth, started work on the mansion that stands on the land today.

The couple enlisted the help of renowned landscape architect Lancelot “Capability” Brown, who got his nickname because he would tell clients their land had “capability” (in the Craven’s case, they were “considerable”).

Knapp, who worked at the Nevada Mining Company in 1917.


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