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Jennifer Carpenter and her boyfriend Seth Avett have finally been spotted in public after months of rumors and speculation. ) let’s take a little refresher: Tags: casual, couple, dating, dexter, jennifer carpenter, love line, relationship, seth avett, sighting, the avett brothers What are girlfriends for??! Nothing like a gab fest and a flick to calm a fluttering heart!!! [ Like a Showtime scripted love triangle, this dramz only gets juicer!!

Just hours after her stroll through the park with new BF Justin Long, Amanda Seyfried spent some quality time with bestie Jennifer Carpenter at the movies in Hollywood. Actress Jennifer Carpenter is already being called a "home wrecker" because of her affair with the (for now) married musician Seth Avett, but this new discovery might add more fuel to the fire!!!

Or perhaps I was preoccupied with shots of his ex-wife and his ex-lover dressed in similarly toned gowns. With so many eyes watching at the afterparties, they better be careful with the affection.

Grey-nude silhouette, hair down and wavy, one more tricked out than the other but overall it’s the same play, giving them even more in common than former lover and co-star. In that respect, it’s almost exactly what Claire Danes went through, only without the pregnancy. Full Story I guess that’s how it rolls in Hollywood.

But over the course of eight seasons, he's faced love, loss, heartache and even friendship with his foul-mouthed sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), proving that he may have the capacity for feelings. It felt like a crazy proposition, but one that if we could pull it off would be very exciting.

Hall) was a serial killer incapable of having emotions or a true human connection. Hall: I think the audacity of the submission to invite people to identify with a serial killer.

Full Story Did Michael C Hall actually go the Emmys?

I’ve seen photos of him at an after-party but haven’t been able to find pictures of him at the show. She was hilariously missing when they called her name.

Serving as the quintessential New York backdrop for some of the Big Apple's most memorable weddings (insert Carrie Bradshaw and Mr.

The actor tied the knot to his longtime girlfriend Morgan Macgregor Monday in a surprise New York wedding, choosing one of Manhattan's most important landmark buildings as the backdrop for their marriage ceremony!

Duana wrote about how good it was to see them all civil at the Dexter table at the SAG Awards a couple of weeks ago - click here for a refresher. That night, they were apparently holding hands and kissing the entire time.

And now it appears they’re ready to publicly confirm it - after cancer, divorce, and Julia Stiles, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall are back together. She didn’t get interviewed but most certainly was shot by the photographers in that gorgeous red that she’s never looked better in. Which is why she was able to sit at the Dexter table last night, sitting beside Michael C.

Seth only just announced his plans to divorce his wife, but it turns out he and Jennifer have been palling around for four years!!!


  1. I met my fiancé when I moved to New York from North Carolina. I’d always thought it would be really hot to get recorded while I was blowing him. In our first video I had my nose pierced, the background is my crappy old apartment and I’m doing my thing, and the next day I was looking on his phone and he had all these screenshots of like every single angle. Sometimes I’d start to blow him and then I’d turn around and I’d ride him.

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