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In a roundtable discussion that included sports analyst Edmundo Reyes, Newton expounded on the trip’s significance, promoting American football as an international sport.

With soccer being the most popular sport in the country, and the world, Cam said that he hoped to be a global ambassador for the sport he plays and to sprinkle a little “football Americano” around.

In the interview, he also shared a revelation about his racial background. Well, actually, he said “I’m Mexico” before correcting himself. “I’m a little bit of everything, African, Mexican, American.

During an interview with Mexican sports outlet La Afición, Cam Newton was asked about his debut trip to Mexico, revealing that he was actually of Mexican descent. I’m a little bit of everything, African, Mexican, American.

Everything,” the Carolina Panthers quarterback quipped, after mistakingly saying he’s “Mexico.” READ: Marcus Stroman Lifts Team USA To First WBC Championship Over Puerto Rico As part of a special NFL outreach program, Newton visited Monterrey this past weekend to install football clinics at the Estadio Gaspar Mass for Mexican youth.

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Then you can check in on your casa from anywhere with the Nest app. CAM is a biennial scientific conference and networking opportunity planned by and for physics graduate students from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Deadline for Canadian applications was May 31, 2017. The following list of Mexican Americans includes original immigrants and settlers of South from United States who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants. With four locations in north Texas we can handle date night’s, birthday parties and private events by reserving one of our many patios.CAM 2003: SMF hosted CAM 2003 in Mérida, Mexico October 24 - 26.

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