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Important note: We now require all members TO host (or co-host) one meetup a year...

I am the kind of nice Jewish girl who gives my mother nightmares.

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When I state that I am open to dating non-Jews, it doesn't mean that I'm averse to going out for a cup of coffee with a yiddishe maidele.

I will also specify that I am fortunate enough to have family and a network of others who accept me for who I am, unconditionally.

I observe Jewish holidays, light candles on Shabbos, keep kosher, and have an unironic love of Barbra Streisand movies.

Tribe is a dating app that takes matches offline, turning virtual connections into real-life dates!

Users can also choose not to self-identify with any tribe at all.

In fact, based on my observations it seems there are more profiles that don’t have a Grindr Tribe listed than ones that do.

With last year's relaunch of (from Here Media), users had already been doing the same with a function called "communities." On, users can pick as many communities as they want.

On Grindr, members can list as many as three tribes on their profiles, so if a man considers himself to be a clean-cut leather otter, all three groups can be selected.

Most dating apps are about “swiping and matching” and “the addictive thrill” of what comes next, Persitz said.


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