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L'acteur, prix d'interprétation au dernier Festival de Cannes pour , et donc de rendre hommage à son auteur, Julien Duvivier.

Les nouvelles générations ne le connaissent peut-être pas, mais ce cinéaste fut on ne peut plus prolifique durant l'entre-deux-guerres (en plus d'avoir révélé à l'écran le mythique Jean Gabin) et fait l'objet d'une rétrospective de huit longs métrages projetés dans des copies restaurées.

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Melanie thierry raphael haroche dating

Thierry shifted gears somewhat as the female lead in the supernatural comedy Jojo la Frite (2002), portrayed an injured teenager in Julien Leclercq's Chrysalis (2007), and made her Hollywood debut as one of two romantic leads of action star Vin Diesel in the sci-fi opus Babylon A.

Raphael was born as Raphaël Haroche on 7 November 1975 in Paris, France, and was raised in Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine.

At the beginning of 2007, Raphael became a member of the supergroup Les Aventuriers d'un autre Monde with Jean-Louis Aubert, Alain Bashung, Cali, Daniel Darc, and Richard Kolinka.

In February 2007, Raphael released his live acoustic album Une nuit au Châtelet which is partly a tribute to French singers such as Bernard Lavilliers, Gérard Manset, and Serge Gainsbourg.

(For that reason, more than one source openly compared Thierry to onetime Vadim muse Brigitte Bardot.) She began with a series of roles in French productions that failed to travel abroad and thus confined the actress' recognition to her native country.

Not long after, however, the actress scored an international crossover hit at age 18 as the lover of ship-bound Danny Boodman T. Lemon 1900 (Tim Roth), who very nearly lures him off of the boat where he resides, in Giuseppe Tornatore's "epic fable" The Legend of 1900 (1998); this arrived back to back with a similar turn as a contemporary Esmerelda in director Patrick Timsit's whimsical Hunchback of Notre Dame update Quasimodo d' El Paris (1999). S.-French international co-production directed by Mathieu Kassovitz.

Dans leur sillage, Thierry Frémaux accueillait Dario Argento, venu au bras de sa fille Asia Argento. En ligne de mire, un hommage au cinéaste italien, qui présentait son chef-d'oeuvre culte dans une version que les spectateurs français n'ont jamais eu l'occasion de voir.

Sous les yeux d'un Jean-Paul Belmondo attentif – lui aussi à l'affiche du festival lyonnais, où il doit présenter un documentaire à l'initiative de son fils Paul –, Vincent Lindon était également de la partie.

Mélanie Thierry, (born 17 July 1981 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Yvelines) is a French actress best known to international audiences for her role as Aurora in the 2008 film Babylon A. Mélanie Thierry began her ascent to fame as a sought-after child and teen model in France, then moved into acting.


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