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Access to manage E-Reserves happens through Lib Apps accounts and not by virtue of assigning a Lib Auth profile in E-Reserves settings. To give permission to an authentication group to a group of rooms in Lib Cal, go to the settings page of the group of rooms and choose the appropriate option from Enable Lib Auth Authentication.

If you use Lib Cal spaces, to go Admin Enable Lib Auth Authentication.

The caps include both the Landscape Conversion Rebate and the Irrigation Equipment Upgrade Rebate.

On July 1, 2016, the Santa Clara Valley Water District reinstated the Landscape Rebate Program and is now accepting new applications.

Sites wishing to participate in the rebate program must complete a pre-inspection and submit an application for approval before beginning any work on their project.

This rebate is intended to encourage theconversion of inefficient overhead sprinklers to drip irrigation in existingshrub, perennial or annual planting beds.

Drip Irrigation Rebate Requirements A minimum of 300 sq ft of landscape area must be converted to in-line drip irrigation in order to qualify for a rebate.

Need to limit E-Reserves viewing to students and faculty? More about the existing Lib Cal functionality in a minute; what we’re really excited about is that you can now enable Lib Auth authentication with Lib Guides E-Reserves.

You can specify which Lib Auth profile to use at the system level or at the course level; both make use of Group Permissions.

Note as with the above configuration: if you choose a protocol that supports groups but do not have groups defined in Lib Auth, the additional drop-down to choose a group will not appear. We also squashed a few bugs and put out a few smaller features with this Lib Guides code release, namely: Summer’s here, and with that comes events you want to share.

Lions Park Projects Update: All information pertaining to The Lions Park Projects has been updated and can be viewed on the webpage. " longdesc=" Fireworks PSA: To hear a Fireworks safety message from the Costa Mesa Fire and Rescue and the Costa Mesa Police Department, please click here. " longdesc="" Celebrate Safely: Enjoy a free July 4 event featuring a concussion-free pyrotechnic dispay, live music, and games.

You can choose the System Default profile, no profile, or a different profile.

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