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Guys who like to continue to learn and read, but like to rough house and wrestle and play. About Me: Masculine guy that is looking for the same.

Enjoy working out, attending sporting events, listening to live music and having a few drinks.

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I want to start by indicating that much of a woman’s inability to ‘surrender’ so-to-speak, is to do with this underlying power struggle that plagues many relationships (when I say power struggle, I mean in terms of egos battling, in a relationship).

Many people don’t want to ‘make the first move’, say I love you too much, be vulnerable to their partner/show their vulnerability, show love as often as they should, because they fear that the other person may then have more ‘power’, or ‘control’ of the situation. But I think you’ll know what I mean when I say that, as a group of women in this modern age, many are taught to be independent and ‘strong’, and have the ability to ‘not be hurt’. Unfortunately, in today’s society, honesty (and I mean REAL honesty, not insensitive bluntness disguised as honesty) and showing our emotions/vulnerabilities is not encouraged.

Guys who don't stop playing if they break a nail (no offense intended to anyone).

Guys who are honest, don't use drugs and aren't cruel.

(Click here to download the “Goddess Report”)You don’t want to be a ball-breaker. Some women think this is really cool; to have a man’s “balls in a jar”. So be sure to scoot over to that article when it suits you, if you haven’t yet read it.

Whilst many women understand femininity and the role that it has, very few ever manage to truly surrender to a man’s masculine energy, and finally be free.

Anyone can identify as masculine, masculine of center, or be masculine-presenting. Think of it this way: Masculinity is a universe, and we’re all stars. And remember that masculinity is a spectrum that we can move across over the course of our lives.

Some of us are shining brightly with masculinity, while others of us shine just a little bit in this respect, or not at all (but we sparkle elsewhere! By asking why someone is dating a masculine woman instead of a cisgender man, you’re implying that masculinity “belongs” to men and that a masculine-presenting woman is just borrowing or imitating masculinity. Similar to the way this tired question presumes that masculinity “belongs” to men, it also presumes that heterosexual relationships are superior to (and more desirable than) other types of relationships.

Of course, I won’t neglect to acknowledge that many modern women won’t relate to this notion.

Some may not think masculine energy can be intense or even scary at times.

Maybe you’ve heard it, been asked it, or wondered about it yourself: Why do queer women and lesbians date masculine-presenting women instead of just dating a cisgender dude? But most importantly, let’s examine why this is such a common question – and come up with some more respectful and supportive questions to ask instead.

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