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Sorry.”Clare Calbraith shared the sentiment, writing: “We’re all heartbroken at the decision from the channel.

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Last month, it was announced that the characters will live on in a three-book series: The first novel, Keep the Home Fires Burning, will essentially be Season Three, since it was already mapped out when the series was cancelled.

It will be a four-part e-book serial, with one part to be released each month beginning in July.

The complete novel in paperback and e-book, as well as an audiobook, will be out in the fall, and Part One of the untitled second book is due in Spring 2018.

The programme, fronted by a cast including Samantha Bond and Claire Rushbrook, was about the members of the Great Paxford Women’s Institute in the midst of the Second World War.

The climactic finale, which aired on Sunday night, saw a fighter plane crashing into the roof of one of the village homes - leaving the fates of those inside unclear.

It was presumed that the identities of who lived and who died would be explored in the third series, but it seems that may now never happen.William Campbell’s (Ed Stoppard) house where Bryn’s wife, Miriam (Claire Price), is giving birth.(In those days, husbands weren’t allowed in during the delivery.) Meanwhile, at the wedding reception for closeted lesbian Teresa Fenchurch (Leanne Best) and her betrothed, Nick Lucas (Mark Umbers), Pat Simms (Claire Rushbrook) leaves her abusive husband, Bob (Mark Bazeley), to find her lover, Czech soldier Marek Novotny (Alexandre Willaume). I’d been auditioned by Karen Bruce to play Ulla in Spain, and I was up for the last tour here, but a hectic schedule meant that I couldn’t meet with Susan Stroman which was frustrating.Most shows would have more than one cover, but that’s not always possible at the Menier.I'D MARRY HIM TOMORROW - Eliza Lumley, Heather Craney, Deborah Stokes 09.

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