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How you list your "job" editting videos, is really not your biggest problem Wow, every time I think the value of discussions in this sub-forum cannot go any lower.

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Facts cited by Doctor No are not necessarily facts. If you send me a Linked In invitation, please let me know who you are (unless it's obvious how I know you). But I would not put it under work experience as it was not a job. Was it a juvenile DUI or does it show up as a criminal record?

Either way, it seems you haven't had any real employment, plus a DUI which may or may not be on your record.

Read full story here: The free market will ultimately determine the success or failure of smart guns, but then again, is it really a free market when forces a store to display something that few buyers appear to want?

A free market should be free of any government intervention. Can you put up a sign that says "This is the stupidest gun design we've ever seen.

Convicted abusers will be made to pay a $50 registration fine.

All abusers 18 or older must supply a recent photo as well as any aliases they go by.According to Politickder NJ, the bill is sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37).She is the same senator who sponsored the Childproof Handgun Law in 2002a law which mandated that once a viable smart gun was on the market, then only smart guns could be sold in the state of New Jersey.The counselor thought I should list it in with work experience and add some bullets.It is also a fairly recent job and I have a long gap with no work. I don't know how they might figure it out and how it could hurt me any more than them finding the DUI that led to this obligation but it does feel odd.Weinberg has since decided that the mandate in the Childproof Handgun Law was hindering the introduction of a viable smart gun, so now she wants to change the law to simply mandate that each gun store stock and display a smart gun.


  1. West, Phifer, and Kardashian pose for a photo which, looking back, seems super awkward.

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