Mandating medical

Set aside the moral arguments that everyone “should” help their fellow man. If the EMTs were on duty, there are certain procedures they must follow.

We don’t know if they were called out to another emergency.

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Two EMTs were asked to help someone who had collapsed at a donut shop. Mayor Michael Bloomberg blasted the EMTs, stating that “there’s no excuse whatsoever” for their actions.

Now the EMTs have been suspended from their jobs without pay.

The dangers of infectious waste tend to decline over time, and health care workers are nearest the waste generation in both distance and time, Different types of medical waste pose different risks.

Engineers, scientists, and industrial hygienists have some up with a variety of methods to process medical waste.

The design process takes into account the expected nature of the waste; one or more treatments are typically applied before ultimate disposal.

Storage containers, and sometimes other equipment, are marked with the biohazard symbol.

While we applaud the recognition of the problem and the effort to solve it, it is imperative that recommendations, and particularly mandates, are evidence-based and are not so costly that they jeopardize alternative, proven strategies.

One approach that is gaining energy both at state and national levels would be to require payers to cover abuse-deterrent opioids.

Law The specific directive issued by a reviewing court to a lower court, as in requiring the lower court to enter a new judgment or to conduct further proceedings consistent with the reviewing court's ruling.

benefits have been an attractive tool because they do not require collecting new taxes or shifting government revenues to provide a benefit that policymakers believe should be required--possibly for reasons of paternalism, because of externalities, or due to problems of adverse selection (Summers 1989).

A bill currently going through the paces in the New York state legislature would put in place laws mandating nurse staffing that would require specific staffing ratios.


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