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The winners list: BU, Cal, Columbia, Cornell, Georgetown, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Washington, Wisconsin.

There are some other awesome stats lurking in the pile of results: Men's Varsity Eight The men's eight was commanded and controlled by California from the front; after blasting out to a lead very early, Cal really never faltered once, leaving everyone else to sort themselves out behind them.

Or, you know, after her dad’s Alumni Weekend dinner. What matters is that Julia Allison is coming, and she’s single, and really hot! Eligible Princeton Hetero and/or Closeted Gay Male, should get a date with the Tila Tequila of Manhattan journos. Skillful self-portrayal is, however, part of Julia’s philosophy: This is a big deal because a date with Julia Allison = Instant fame and fortune.

Applicants must write to [email protected] (hang on while I make up an arbitrary time here) Thursday at 9AM!

The News survey showed that the proportion of homosexual students is fairly constant across class years, but the number of students who identified as bisexual rose from year to year.

If you want to start taking classes at an Ivy League university unenrolled and undetected, says Guillaume Dumas, a 28-year-old Canadian, start with big lecture courses.

At that point, the Yale coxswain looked over at Princeton moving into second and said, more or less, "Guys, listen to me; we are not going to lose to Princeton." The crew got the message, and in the last 200 meters dug in to gain back a second on Princeton; at the line, Cal, Yale and Princeton were only three seconds apart, followed by Washington a little open water behind, then Harvard another two lengths back, then Brown.

Despite posting the fastest times in both the heats and semis, Cal coach Mike Teti said the crew saved their best row for last.

A total of 17.7 percent of Yale men — about one in six — said they are attracted only to men, compared to 8.1 percent of Yale women who said they are attracted only to women.

Additionally, 12.2 percent of Yale women said they were bisexual, roughly three times the rate of men who said they are attracted to both men and women.

This deception may sound like a lead-up to a true-crime story, but Dumas’s exploits appear to be harmless, done in a spirit of curiosity.

"A lot of students are bored in class," he observes, "so if you participate, if you ask questions, if you are genuinely interested in the class, I think the teacher will like you."I became interested in Dumas’s tale after he emailed me three weeks ago, but I was skeptical, as I would be of any out-of-the-blue note promising a juicy story.

What might this say about the monetary value of a diploma?

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