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Call the recreation office at 207-874-8870 to get on the mailing list.

Riverton and Reiche pools, and outdoor Kiwanis Pool offer swim lessons for children and adults, adult aerobics, open swim, and rental opportunities.

Cats have long tails that help them balance, and sharp claws and teeth that aid in the hunting of rodents and small birds.

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Streaming video cameras monitor these birds during the spring and summer months.

Kress approached NEFSC’s Waring and Wood in 2012 about using a streaming video camera for gray seal studies in the winter months when his seabird projects ended for the season, and they quickly agreed.

The Portland Public Library provides books on a rotating basis to each site and works with Recreation and the Portland Seadogs to challenge kids to “Read Your Way to Opening Day”.

Portland Recreation has an extensive senior adult program for ages 62 .

Once logged into a private chat room, her clients pay for continued connection.

She receives a wide range of requests, from those who just want to talk or have a dinner or sleep with someone in real time, to those who ask her to pop up balloons or threat them like a child.

Roughly a month after birth, kittens develop adult teeth and begin to eat solid food.

Kitten cam allows you to watch cute kittens grow before your eyes.

Wood will be conducting another live chat on January 14 between 1 and 2 p.m. Seal Island has the second largest gray seal pupping colony in the United States. Fish and Wildlife Service, and is managed by the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge in cooperation with the National Audubon Society.

The 65-acre uninhabited island is located in outer Penobscot Bay about 20 miles south of Rockland and is also home to large colonies of Atlantic puffins, Arctic terns, bald eagles, and other seabirds. Muskeget Island, a small privately-owned island just northwest of Nantucket off the southeastern coast of Massachusetts, has the largest gray seal breeding and pupping colony in the U. Steve Kress of the National Audubon Society’s Seabird Restoration Program and Project Puffin has worked with to set up a network of solar panels, microwave relays, high definition (HD) cameras, and internet and video technologies to monitor seabirds on Seal Island.

Seal cam, powered by solar panels, will be streaming live footage daily between 10 a.m. The seal cam site was officially launched January 8 with a live chat with Stephanie Wood, a Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) seal researcher.

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