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Investigar as técnicas de operacionalização do princípio da função social da propriedade.

Definição – Essa linha de pesquisa analisa a dogmática do direito ambiental e também de que forma se distribui as atribuições, poder e competências ambientais entre os entes públicos e privados e de que forma o sistema judicial opera e garante/não garante a efetividade do direito ambiental.

Eixos Estruturadores – Conceitos e vertentes teóricas do Direito Ambiental; Competências e efetividade; Sistema jurídico de garantia ao meio ambiente; princípios ambientais; Estado de direito ambiental; Direito ambiental urbano; Direitos humanos e meio ambiente; Direito e sociedade.

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Entrepre Nourish Team Leader: David Trecker WG’15 (WEMBA-East) Team Member: Cheryl He Entrepre Nourish repairs the $600B small business lending market by consolidating financing and customer acquisition into one process.

Fever Smart Team Leader: Aaron Goldstein W’16 Team Members: Collin Hill W’16, William Duckworth ENG’16, Becca Goldstein C’14 Fever Smart is redefining the thermometer market by providing technology that integrates seamlessly into people’s lives.

Fig Loans Team Leader: John Li ENG’07/W’07/WG’15 Team Member: Jeff Zhou WG’15 Fig (smalldollar.herokuapp.com) is a social enterprise that provides small dollar, short-term loans to borrowers currently served by payday, title or pawn lenders.

Fig loan bridges the gap between traditional credit options and predatory small-dollar products, offering a better alternative for borrowers with better credit profiles who are facing hard times.

No longer do parents have to wake up sleeping children, or nurses have to check each hospital patient’s temperature one by one.

Instead, responsible parties can easily track patients’ temperatures continuously and remotely using a smart device.

Responsabilidade Civil e Administrativa Ambiental Analisar as diversas teorias da responsabilidade civil ambiental.

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