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She later showed the video to some male friends.“Right off the bat they were like ‘That is so wrong Melissa.

No doubt, nefarious journalist-types have always tried to blur the lines between fact and fiction, publishing stories that are egregiously out-of-context or clearly one-sided. Today, though, the ease with which facts can be manipulated or partially reported by anyone with a platform and a smartphone is something every business needs to be vigilant of.

You may think you're just a small business owner with no media presence or reason to be concerned with a public relations nightmare.

Watch these men react to being catcalled by women Women have been victim to unsolicited attention from men for the longest time.

Live SA were curious to see how men would react if the tables were turned.

Garanzini then looked online.“I printed out this uniform complaint form for the state of Missouri and I was told to just fill it and send it in,” Garanzini said.

In today's fast-paced, real-time, often frenetic age of social media where anyone with access to an internet connection can blog, tweet or broadcast live, facts can be easily muddled. But as technology evolves and digital devices become more ubiquitous, 'fake news' and 'alternative facts' are realities that are proving hard to contain.

"Fake news" and "alternative facts" became buzzwords during the last U. Today, anyone with a smartphone or digital device can become a reporter, regardless of their training, education, ethics or agenda.

And that's a real problem that all business owners need to take seriously.

She said she left his office with a strange feeling.“He was really nice, but it just felt weird.


  1. When I called the phone #, my first two clues were that they never answered with a company name and they were there to fix Microsoft Adware.

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