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The Białystok Ghetto uprising was a Jewish insurrection in the Białystok Ghetto against the Nazi German occupation authorities during World War II.

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PUBLICATIONS Books The Independent Review Policy Reports The Lighthouse(Email Newsletter) Commentary Articles News Releases Briefings Executive Summaries Audio and Visual Programs The Independent(Quarterly Newsletter) Research Articles Working Papers Course Adoption Program Revised: April 12, 2017 The national debt may be the biggest problem in decades that federal policymakers have failed to confront. Even if the Treasury has overdraft protection in the form of the Federal Reserve,[3] the large debt servicing requirements exact a heavy toll on public services and economic growth.

Its importance is measurable not only in dollars—almost $20 trillion[1] ($61,552 per capita[2])—but also in the grave threat it poses to the American financial system and therefore to the health and well-being of private businesses and households. This examines the potential for vastly improving the U. government’s fiscal position by using a method seldom utilized for the purposes of federal debt-reduction: the sale of federal assets. The sale of federal assets for the purpose of debt-reduction warrants serious consideration mostly because of one fundamental issue: America’s debt obligations are so huge that traditional methods for improving the government’s fiscal stance—namely, by raising more tax revenue, printing more money, or refinancing/reissuing government debt—are inadequate to the task and would create a host of major problems.

As with the earlier Warsaw Ghetto Uprising extinguished in May 1943, the Białystok uprising had no chances for military success.

However, it was seen as a way to die in combat rather than in German camps.

Unless otherwise noted, the provisions of Title 15 were added November 15, 1972, P. See sections 309, 402 and 404 of Act 198 of 1990 in the appendix to this title for special provisions relating to conforming cross references in unconsolidated statutes, preparation of act for printing and effective dates and applicability. "Foreign entity." An entity that is not a domestic entity. (c) Transmission to other agencies.--If the docketing statement delivered to the Department of State sets forth any kind of business in which a corporation, partnership or other association may not engage without the approval of or a license from any department, board or commission of the Commonwealth, the Department of State shall, upon processing the filing, promptly transmit a copy of the docketing statement or the information contained therein to each such department, board or commission. (2) Whenever any provision of this title requires the statement of a registered office address in any document filed in the department, such provision shall be construed to require the statement also of the county in which the registered office address is located. (e) Distinguishable names.--A name shall not be considered distinguishable upon the records of the department from another name for purposes of this title and 54 Pa. This paragraph includes abbreviations, in any language, of the terms listed in this paragraph. If a plan of merger is filed as provided in this subsection, references in this chapter to a statement of merger refer to the plan of merger filed under this subsection. "Member." Any of the following: (1) A person that has voting rights in a membership corporation. (b) Required contents of certificate of amendment.--To amend its certificate of limited partnership, a limited partnership must deliver to the department for filing a certificate of amendment that states: (1) the name of the partnership; (2) the date of filing of its initial certificate; (3) subject to section 109 (relating to name of commercial registered office provider in lieu of registered address), the address, including street and number, if any, of its registered office; and (4) the amendment.

See sections 104, 107, 206, 303 and 304 of Act 177 of 1988 in the appendix to this title for special provisions relating to legislative findings as to acceptance of Constitution of Pennsylvania, prior law transitional provision, conforming cross references in unconsolidated statutes, preparation of act for printing and effective date and applicability. "Foreign corporation not-for-profit." A corporation not-for-profit incorporated under any laws other than those of this Commonwealth. If a docketing statement is not required for a particular filing, the Department of State may transmit a copy of the filing or the information contained therein to the Department of Revenue at no cost to the person effecting the filing. (c) Addresses.-- (1) Whenever any provision of this title requires that any person set forth an address in any document, such provision shall be construed to require the submission of an actual street address or rural route box number, and the department shall refuse to receive or file any document that sets forth only a post office box address. (relating to names) solely because the names differ from each other in any or all of the following respects: (1) Use of punctuation marks and of symbols or characters specified by regulation of the department under section 133(a)(3)(vi) (relating to powers of Department of State). (3) Use of any of the following terms to designate the status of an association: corporation, company, incorporated, limited, association, fund, syndicate, limited partnership, limited liability company, trust or business trust. (e) Filing of plan.--A plan of merger that is signed by all of the merging associations and meets all of the requirements of subsection (b) may be delivered to the department for filing instead of a statement of merger and on filing has the same effect. L.682, No.284), known as The Insurance Company Law of 1921. "Incorporator." A signer of the original articles of incorporation. (a) General rule.--A certificate of limited partnership may be amended or restated at any time.A group of about 300 to 500 insurgents armed with 25 rifles and 100 pistols as well as home-made Molotov cocktails for grenades, attacked the overwhelming German force with a great loss of life. About 150 combatants managed to break through and run into the Knyszyn Forest where they joined other guerrilla groups.The Białystok Ghetto was set up by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland soon after the German invasion of the Soviet Union.Section 1 of Act 106 of 1994 provided that the act shall be known and may be cited as the Limited Liability Company Act. (2) An association whose internal affairs are governed by the laws of a jurisdiction other than this Commonwealth which would be a partnership if its internal affairs were governed by the laws of this Commonwealth. As used in this subchapter, the term "this title" includes Titles 17 (relating to credit unions) and 54 (relating to names) and any other provision of law that: (1) makes reference to the powers and procedures of this subchapter; or (2) to the extent not inconsistent with this subchapter: (i) requires a filing in the bureau; and (ii) does not specify some or all of the necessary procedures for the filing provided in this subchapter. (b) Names and marks.--The department shall supervise and administer the provisions of this title and of Title 54 (relating to names) concerning names and marks. L.633, No.181), known as the Regulatory Review Act, or any similar provision of law, but shall be subject to the opportunity of public comment requirement under section 201 of the act of July 31, 1968 (P. (3) All property of each merging association vests in the surviving association without reversion or impairment, and the merger shall not constitute a transfer of any of that property. "Nonprofit corporation" or "domestic nonprofit corporation." A domestic corporation not-for-profit that is not excluded from the scope of this subpart by section 5102 (relating to application of subpart). (g) Cross references.--See: Section 134 (relating to docketing statement).Section 1 of Act 34 of 2001 provided that the act shall be known and may be cited as the GAA Amendments Act of 2001. "Governance interest." A right under the organic law or organic rules of an association that is not a corporation for profit or not-for-profit, other than as a governor, agent, assignee or proxy, to: (1) receive or demand access to information concerning, or the books and records of, the association; (2) vote for the election of the governors of the association; or (3) receive notice of or vote on an issue involving the internal affairs of the association. Subchapter B is referred to in section 7123 of this title; section 102 of Title 54 (Names). (c) Collection of taxes and charges imposed by statute.--This subchapter shall not limit the power and duty of the department to assess and collect taxes and charges imposed or authorized by statute. L.769, No.240), referred to as the Commonwealth Documents Law: (1) Sample filing forms promulgated by the department. (4) All debts, obligations and other liabilities of each merging association are debts, obligations and other liabilities of the surviving association. "Nonqualified foreign corporation" or "nonqualified foreign nonprofit corporation." (Deleted by amendment). Section 135 (relating to requirements to be met by filed documents).In February 1943, the first wave of mass deportations to Treblinka extermination camp took place, organized during country-wide Aktion Reinhard.


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