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Using the steps below will allow you to update your own stat reports in Awstats, allowing you to see your most recent visitor data without having to submit a support ticket to have this updated from our end. Since it does take some time to run (sometimes 20-30 minutes), it could still be generating.

If it has already been longer than that, and it is still not updated.

Hi I installed the World of Tanks Assistant for Android two days ago.

linux stats not updating-52

Linux stats not updating

/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_linux_-C -w 90 -c 95 CPU OK : idle 99.50% |idle=99.50%;90;95 user=0.00% system=0.00% iowait=0.50% steal=0.00%check_linux_stats v1.5 Usage: /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_linux_-C|-P|-M|-N|-D|-I|-L|-F|-S|-W|-U -p -w -c [-s ] [-u ] [-V] [-h] -h, --help print this help message -C, --cpu=CPU USAGE -P, --procs -M, --memory=MEMORY USAGE -N, --network=NETWORK USAGE -D, --disk=DISK USAGE -I, --io=DISK IO USAGE -L, --load=LOAD AVERAGE -F, --file=FILE STATS -S, --socket=SOCKET STATS -W, --paging=PAGING AND SWAPPING STATS -X, --ctxt=CPU CONTEXT SWITCH -U, --uptime -p, --pattern eth0,eth1...sda1,sda2.../usr,/tmp -w, --warning -c, --critical -s, --sleep -u, --unit %, KB, MB or GB left on disk usage, default : MB REQS OR BYTES on disk io statistics, default : REQS -V, --version version number ex : Memory usage : perl check_linux_-M -w 90 -c 95 Cpu usage : perl check_linux_-C -w 90 -c 95 -s 5 Disk usage : perl check_linux_-D -w 95 -c 100 -u % -p /tmp,/usr,/var Load average : perl check_linux_-L -w 10,8,5 -c 20,18,15 Paging statistics : perl check_linux_-W -w 10,1000,1 -c 20,2000,20 -s 3 Process statistics : perl check_linux_-P -w 100 -c 200 I/O statistics on disk device : perl check_linux_-I -w 10 -c 5 -p sda1,sda4,sda5,sda6 Network usage : perl check_linux_-N -w 10000 -c 100000000 -p eth0 Processes virtual memory : perl check_linux_-T -w 9551820 -c 9551890 -p /var/run/Cpu context switch : perl check_linux_-X -w 6000 -c 70000 -s 2 Uptime : perl check_linux_-U -w 5 Hi, There's a small bug in v1.5 on line 62: "if" should be "elsif" otherwise the -C (check_cpu) option will always show help.

Here's the diff: --- /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_linux_org 2016-01-12 .586228411 0100 /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_linux_2016-01-12 .223925210 0100 @@ -59,7 59,7 @@ if($o_cpu) -if($o_context){ elsif($o_context) elsif($o_mem){ Hello, great check. It show me , on the perfdata, the entire help screen, just after the steal percentage: [[email protected]]/usr/local/nagios/libexec# ./check_linux_-C -w 70 -c 100 -s 2 CPU OK : idle 91.85 |idle=91.85%;70;100 user=0.59% system=0.34% iowait=7.12% steal=0.00%check_linux_stats v1.5 Usage: ./check_linux_-C|-P|-M|-N|-D|-I|-L|-F|-S|-W|-U -p -w -c [-s ] [-u ] [-V] [-h] -h, --help print this help message -C, --cpu=CPU USAGE -P, --procs -M, --memory=MEMORY USAGE Could be possible to solve? Last version 1.5 check_cpu should be followed by a elsif.

v1.2 Changelog : - Add Paging statistics - Add swapused and active memory on perfparse statistics - Remove unused -H option (mthuijs) v1.3 Changelog : - Add uptime check, warning threshold in minutes (csterley) - Replace /usr/local/nagios/libexec with Find Bin (eulen) - Fix reports network traffic in bytes (dbsanders) v1.4 Changelog : - Illegal division by zero (helium_rday, Red Fish) - Get the cache out of the used memory (waterdeep, dbsanders) - Removed unused $return_str on check io disk (Red Fish) - Add steal cpu statistics v1.5 Changelog : - Add paging statistics to check for major faults ([email protected]) - bug, when using unit=MB for disk usage, the perf data writtens only KB (john12) - Bug, multiple pipe on IO perfcournter (ledistordu) - Add CPU context switch statistics Usage : -h, --help print this help message -C, --cpu check cpu usage -P, --proc check the processes number -M, --memory check memory usage (memory used, swap used and memory cached) -N, --network=NETWORK USAGE check network usage in resq or bytes (default bytes) -D, --disk=DISK USAGE check disk usage -I, --io=DISK IO USAGE check disk I/O (r/w on /dev/sd*) -L, --load=LOAD AVERAGE check load average -F, --file=FILE STATS check open files (file alloc, inode alloc) -S, --socket=SOCKET STATS socket usage (tcp, udp, raw) -W, --paging=PAGING AND SWAPPING STATS -X, --ctxt=CPU CONTEXT SWITCH check CPU context switch -U, --uptime -p, --pattern eth0,eth1...sda1,sda2.../usr,/tmp -w, --warning warning thresold -c, --critical critical thresold -s, --sleep default 1 sec.

-u, --unit %, KB, MB or GB left on disk usage, default : MB REQS OR BYTES on disk io statistics, default : REQS -V, --version version number ex : * Cpu usage : ./check_linux_-C -w 90 -c 100 -s 5 CPU OK : idle 99.80% | user=0.00% system=0.20% iowait=0.00% idle=99.80%;90;100 * Load average : ./check_linux_-L -w 10,8,5 -c 20,18,15 LOAD AVERAGE OK : 0.20,0.07,0.16 | load1=0.20;10;20;0 load5=0.07;8;18;0 load15=0.16;5;15;0 * Memory usage : ./check_linux_-M -w 99,50 -c 100,50 MEMORY OK : Mem used=92.57%, Swap used=0.01% |Mem Used=92.57%;95;99 Swap Used=0.01;50;50 Mem Cached=12.62 Swap Cached=0.00 Active=12.61 * Disk usage : ./check_linux_-D -w 10 -c 5 -p /,/usr,/tmp,/var DISK WARNING used : / 3331.80MB on 3875.09MB (8.86% free) /usr 10084.27MB on 14528.41MB (25.43% free)| /=3331.80MB /usr=10084.27MB * Disk I/O : ./check_linux_-I -w 100,70 -c 150,100 -p sda1,sda2,sda4 DISK I/O OK | sda2_read=0.00;100;150 sda2_write=0.00;70;100 sda4_read=0.00;100;150 sda4_write=0.00;70;100 sda1_read=0.00;100;150 sda1_write=0.00;70;100 * Network usage : ./check_linux_-N -w 30000 -c 45000 -p eth0 NET USAGE OK eth21.78KB | eth0_txbyt=3461.39KB eth0_txerrs=0.00KB eth0_rxbyt=4560.40KB eth0_rxerrs=0.00KB * Open files : ./check_linux_-F -w 10000,150000 -c 15000,250000 OPEN FILES OK allocated: 1728 (inodes: 70390) | fhalloc=1728;10000;15000;411810 inalloc=70390;150000;250000;100250 dentries=50754 * Socket usage : ./check_linux_-S -w 1000 -c 2000 SOCKET USAGE OK : used 257 |used=257;1000;2000 tcp=18 udp=5 raw=0 * Number of procs : ./check_linux_-P -w 1000 -c 2000 PROCS OK : count 272 |count=272;1000;2000 runqueue=2 blocked=0 running=2 new=0.98 * Process mem & cpu : ./check_linux_-T -w 2000000000 -c 3000000000 -p /var/run/PROCESSES OK | java_vsize=1804918784;2000000000;3000000000 java_nswap=0 java_cnswap=0 java_cpu=0 * Paging statistics : ./check_linux_-W -w 10,1000,1 -c 20,2000,20 -s 3 Paging OK : in:0.00,out:0.00,flt:0.00 |pgpgin=0.00;10;20;0 pgpgout=0.00;1000;2000;0 pgmajfault=0.00;1;20;0 pswpin=0.00 pswpout=0.00 * Cpu context switch : ./check_linux_-X -w 6000 -c 70000 -s 2 CONTEXT SWITCH OK : context 80|ctxt=80 * Uptime : ./check_linux_-U -w 9 WARNING : up 0 days, |uptime=496.05 Congratulations for the plugin.

# Alias /awstatsclasses "/usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/classes/" Alias /awstatscss "/usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/css/" Alias /awstatsicons "/usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/icon/" Script Alias /awstats/ "/usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" # # This is to permit URL access to scripts/files in AWStats directory.

# C) if changes were made as indicated in parts A and B, awstats_restarts Apache to apply the changes.

(if you use a package provided with a Linux distribution or Windows installer, step 1 might have already been done; if you don't know, you can run this step again) After downloading and extracting the AWStats package, you should run the awstats_script to do several setup actions.

You will find it in the AWStats tools directory (If using the Windows installer, the script is automatically launched): A) awstats_tries to determine your current log format from your Apache web server configuration file (it asks for the path if not found).

The problem with this approach is that every directory listing would require seeking all over the disk to collect the metadata to report for each file.


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