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Engineered to work with modified engines, Hot Cams Builder Series and Gold Series camshafts offer custom cam performance without the custom cam price.

I put this idea to performance consultant and technical writer David Vizard.

In recent years he has personally tested over 600 cam combinations on his own dyno, and designed some potent race-winning, best-selling cams as a result of his work.

The difference in height between the top of the lobe and the radius of the circle is the lift component of a cam lobe.

For most street-type cams, this will be roughly between 0.275 and 0.450 inch. But we don’t generate this lift all at once–it’s created by gradually moving the tappet from the base circle to maximum lobe lift. Duration Ideally, you could slam a valve open, hold it open, and then slam it closed, and many drag race camshafts attempt to perform this feat, but this harsh action is incredibly abusive on valvetrain parts, especially valves and springs.-SB) A successful cam design must take into account two major factors: the mechanical dynamics of the system, and the desired optimal gas dynamics.In this feature we are going to deal with the gas dynamics, as precise valvetrain motion means nothing unless the valves are opened and closed at the appropriate moments.Performance may always lay heavy odds on power, but you also need the brains to go with it.The four-stroke internal combustion engine has been around for over a century, but we’re still learning incredible things about using camshafts to make more power.Cannot Establish a Secure Connection The Internet Browser you are using cannot establish a secure connection to Summit or Java Script is disabled.


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