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Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) and Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso)'s relationship was given the ship name "Loliver," and it's definitely canon.The characters didn't start dating until Season 3, affectionately calling each other "Ollie-pop" and "Lilly-pop," which still makes me cringe a little, tbh.

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At home, Jackson and Robby try to impress their neighbor so he will write a letter of recommendation to help get Jackson accepted to Robby's alma mater.

Season 3, Episode 6January 11, 2009Lilly holds a yard sale to raise money for a class trip to Washington, D.

Season 3, Episode 8March 1, 2009Hannah makes a disparaging comment about carrots on a TV show, so her fans stop eating them.

She returns to the program to explain herself, but ends up making things worse.

Miley just moved from Tennessee as a country singer and now has to adapt to life in Malibu.

Enter the hysterical journal entries of Smoken Oliver Oken as he deals with a cynical psychiatrist, an ugly creature known as the 'Jerk Rat', and newfound feelings for one of his best friends?

The whole world's about to learn a secret not even Lilly knows...

Hannah Montana's performing live, but during her first ever encore only one face in the crowd matters, the one to help her make it through. As things turn playful, Miley and Oliver prove to be more of a distraction to each other than a help.

Season 3, Episode 10March 15, 2009Hannah pretends to be the girlfriend of a fellow celebrity whom she can't stand in order to gain publicity; Jackson considers cheating on a test; Robby is tricked into doing business with Rico.


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