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Our Supplier Quality Program outlines specific expectations for appropriate animal care, and we encourage all of our suppliers to purchase only from farms that comply with industry guidelines, including those established by the U. Department of Agriculture and the Food Marketing Institute.

What is Conagra doing to increase its use of cage-free eggs? And since 2011, we have incorporated one million cage-free eggs into our products annually.

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Individual retailers make the final decisions about which products they will sell.

I was doing some research on the websites of several food companies and under their questions and answer sections found the following information.

Now, I know it is safe to eat beyond the best by date, since that is just the cut off for quality claims, but I don't know for how long. Please no "throw it out as soon as that date passes," or if...

Found a can of Libby's pumpkin in the back of the cupboard, best by date Jun 2010.

We are committed to using 100 percent cage-free eggs throughout our U. These decisions reflect Con Agra's ongoing effort to explore cage-free eggs as a viable alternative to traditional egg supplies. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and numerous trusted scientific bodies and regulatory agencies that foods and beverages that contain genetic modification (GM) of ingredients are safe and nutritious to eat. The date code is the string of numbers and letters coded onto a package that indicate the date of production, not the expiration date.

What are genetically modified organisms (GMO), and is it safe to eat food if it includes GMO ingredients? Given the potential for GM to improve the quality, sustainable availability and nutritional value of food, we support its responsible use when based on sound science and regulatory and safety reviews. What does the "Best By" or "Sell By" expiration date mean?

You can keep a pantry in steady rotation so expiring canned foods are used first once you understand the meaning behind the label codes.

Canned food manufacturing companies use a series of letter and number codes to denote information from date and location of production to date of expiration.

Marrs candy uses week of year manufactured in their coding.

Some vendors use alphabet letters A thru L to signify the month.

Check the Date Canned goods usually have a "best before" date or a code somewhere on the can to help determine the processing date and the can's total shelf life.


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