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An athletic, appealing performer who decided at the age of nine that she wanted to be an actress, Kristy Swanson had racked up some 30 TV commercial credits by the age of 15. Read more » An athletic, appealing performer who decided at the age of nine that she wanted to be an actress, Kristy Swanson had racked up some 30 TV commercial credits by the age of 15.In 1986, she made her feature debut in the John Hughes-produced "Pretty in Pink" and also appeared in Hughes' "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" before essaying her first lead as the girl next door brought back to life a la Frankenstein in Wes Craven's "Deadly Friend." After landing a key role in the film version of V C Andrews' classic horror novel "Flowers in the Attic" (1987), Swanson segued to TV, playing the recurring part of Jody Campbell on "Knots Landing" (CBS) during the 1987-88 season, followed by turns as Lynn Ellingsworth in two 1989 installments of "B. Stryker" (aired under the umbrella of "The ABC Mystery Movie")., The Program, The Chase, or her most critically acclaimed role, playing Kristen Connor, a student discovering her sexuality, in John Singleton's Higher Learning.

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Still, Alan ensured the guys that he would be fine and encouraged them to return to the game.

Denise Richards has played a Starship Trooper, a Wild Thing, and a Bond girl, but our favorite thing about her is that she posed for Playboy in 2004.

We heard much of your story arc ended up on the cutting room floor after being edited for American audiences. I think like I said there was a racier version, but there was no nudity. The album, but you are the first person who has ever inquired about that.

Now I'd like to ask you the CB 3 and I'd like to add that it's the first time we've asked someone who's been part of these questions so it's kind of awesome.

She had her first shot at series stardom portraying student nurse Rebecca Halliday in the short-lived Aaron Spelling-produced "Nightingales" (NBC, 1989).

When small screen stardom eluded her, Swanson once again returned to features as the female lead of "Mannequin 2: On the Move" (1991), but the choice to play a medieval peasant trapped in the body of a mannequin proved embarrassing.

The next year she played Cathy in the adaptation of V. I was wondering if you would come be in this scene with our main character, Ducky, because the way we tested it in the movie theater, it didn't work. Although not a hit at the box office originally, it had a profitable rental life.

We need him to end up with somebody else at the end of the movie. '" By 1990, Swanson had made many television appearances, including multiple appearances in Knots Landing (1987–1988), Nightingales (1989), her first starring role in a TV series, although it only lasted a season, and a short-lived Burt Reynolds television series called B. She appeared in both starring and supporting roles in movies such as Hot Shots!

She landed her first job appearing in a doll house commercial, which was followed with several more commercial appearances.

Swanson began her acting career at The Actors Workshop with R. Adams and promptly moved into TV advertising roles and several one-off appearances in TV series such as Cagney and Lacey and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Her career received a big boost, albeit delayed, as the Valley Girl title character of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1992).


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