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Check out six reasons nice guys don’t finish last, especially if they’re Jewish! He’s Well-Read Even if they don’t enjoy reading and they barely passed Hebrew school, the nice Jewish guy is well-read. He will most likely send you well-written text messages without many (if any) grammatical mistakes, and he’ll even sound like a gentleman!That’s definitely a rarity in the dating world these days. He’s Funny I have yet to meet a nice Jewish guy who couldn’t crack a decent joke or two.

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Even if your nice Jewish guy doesn’t understand much about 1040s and deductions, there’s a good chance he knows someone who does.

More importantly, he manages his own money the smart way. He Has Great Values A nice Jewish guy has values of steel.

I felt the pressure: The future of my people was at stake! The school was arty, musical, nerdy, and had a substantial Jewish population. Even though I no longer felt outside the norm, I still had trouble getting dates … Every Jewish woman I asked out on a date rejected me.

I resolved that I would only go out with Jewish girls. I attributed this to the fact that I was kind of nerdy: My extra-curricular activities included musical theater, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons, not exactly the types of things that made a guy popular with the ladies. I had numerous opportunities, on the other hand, to date non-Jewish women.

It is the most deeply-engrained cultural difference between Jews and non-Jews.

There's a video put out by the Reform Movement of America, a real-life documentary depicting a series of group therapy sessions for intermarried couples, designed to help them deal with the unique issues of intermarriage.He is the last Jewish male in our family, since my one and only cousin is a female and I am an only child.If he has no Jewish sons, then our family line will die.Whether it’s dry wit, sarcasm or goofiness, the nice Jewish guy is funny or, at the very least, knows what’s funny and what’s not. He’s Good With Taxes I owed the IRS money for the first time this year and I cried for at least a day.Thankfully, I had a nice Jewish guy do my taxes so I know I ended up getting the best possible scenario for my finances.You've been planning the wedding since you were four, and your mom's been preparing a since before you were a fetus.


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