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Kamini Jaiswal, counsel for Sahoo in the wife swapping case, has denied the charges and said it was an attempt to malign her client and accused the Delhi police of torturing Sahoo.

Jaiswal said that her client was dragged from her house and beaten.

, the couple, Vishnu and Arathy were sitting in a garden outside the Napier museum in Thiruvananthapuram when the police spotted them.

The police asked the couple if they were married and on finding out that they had not tied the knot, the police said that such behaviour in public is vulgar.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off the maiden run of the Kochi Metro on Saturday, and took a ride on one of the trains.

One of the fastest to be built in the country, the Kochi Metro is the first public transport system to reserve jobs for members of the third sex and it will be manned mainly by women a self-help group.

Dressed in bright saris, chunky jewellery and heavy make-up, the transgender people hanging around Kochi’s crowded transit points at night have attracted the ire of an unlikely group of people: “Local” transgender people, who are objecting to the “outsiders”.

For the past few months, there has been tension within Kochi’s transgender community, with “local” transgender people, alleging that “migrant” transgender people were committing crimes for which they were being victimised by the police.

Nevertheless, police arrested the couple and let them off after they were charged for creating public nuisance.

The parents of the couple were also summoned by police at the station.

Vishnu immediately started broadcasting the dialogue live on Facebook.


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