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I had gone out may way to avoid this more extreme fringe of gay sex culture. My first chill out was at a fancy house in North London.

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Men are more likely to seek out multiple sexual partners than women.

And legend has it that gay men have access to more promiscuous sex than any other demographic.

“She was very cooperative with officers and probably one of the most friendly prisoners we’ve ever had in custody.”Willow’s owners were eventually located and “bonded her out,” but not before she got the full perp treatment, complete with mugshot and finger (paw) print.

If you have a pet dog, police dog or detection dog...

I was quite overwhelmed by the level of hedonism that was on offer.

In a corner of the Darling Gardens in Melbourne’s boutique inner-city suburb of Clifton Hill stands a small, well-maintained toilet block that sports a sign warning that plain-clothes police regularly patrol the area.The Tarpon Springs (Florida) Police Department deserves credit for the cutest criminal booking.Officers in the Tampa suburb on Monday found Willow, a “fugitive K9″ who’d “wandered away from home,” according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.“Willow refused to tell officers where she lived so she was taken to the PD where she was booked and photographed,” the post explains.They were all good looking, high and not wearing any clothes.Skipping over the vulgar details, I decided to leave at some point the next day.Hookup apps have made casual sex easier to find than ever before.


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  5. As their parents fret, our loaded layabouts must put aside their usual douchey attitudes and team up to fight the villains with the little they’ve learned on the course so far.

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