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He was a well-rounded athlete in high school and you can certainly see those traits start to take shape on the baseball field. s mentality and showed several times during the fall what he could become with more repetition and swings.

Has won sister, Jamie, who played basketball at Georgetown...

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(One dramatic side-benefit to old-school computer chats—that big, blinking cursor looks like an impatiently tapping finger.) Last episode was so bold in how it handled Cameron’s highs and lows that here, it seems like backtracking, as Cameron and Donna continue to freeze each other out at work.

As I said last week, creating conflict by having two characters withhold information from each other isn’t especially satisfying.

2008: Batted .286 with one run scored and one RBI...

First collegiate appearance came in a pinch hitting role against Arizona State (2/23), going 1-for-1 with a run scored... Chose Vanderbilt because it was the perfect combination of superior academics and athletics.

Notice how when he usually says it he narrows his eyes and raises his chin in what he must believe is a seductive look.

Sometimes, an episode’s biggest virtue is what it doesn’t do.

“And She Was” sets up several situations that seem headed for predictable outcomes (not to say disastrous ones) and swerves away just when you think things are going to go off the rails.

Coming after the bittersweet poetics of last week’s episode, “And She Was” announces itself prosaically, too—before Halt And Catch Fire (and episode writer Angelina Burnett) reminds us that, when it comes to a big, final swerve, Halt can pull off an ending with the best of them. Heartbroken over Donna’s betrayal, she pulled out what looked like a wedding ring, and smiled in her bed in the dark.

In the past, instant messaging and email have always been enough for me to keep in touch with my friends, but video chatting is nice for when you’ve been away and you just want to see a familiar face.

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