Joe jonas confirms dating ashley greene

Their reps have confirmed that the two lovebirds have decided to go their separate ways. It was only yesterday that we reported Joe Jonas saying how in love with Ashley he was in the !

To help kick start Nicki’s college fund, Ellen surprises her by donating $25,000Nicki says she included Ellen’s name in two of her songs, No Frauds and Come On A Cone because she’s obsessed with Ellen.

After months of dating, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene have called it quits.

When asked about losing his virginity, Joe Jonas did the unthinkable.

He began spilling details about his “first time.” Details included the fact that he ditched his purity ring at age 20 and did the deed with a girl named Ashley. After all, she never confirmed or denied whether she was subliminally messaging Joe in the first place — but the timing of the ordeal and the nature of the subject leads us to believe she's very much speaking to Joe through this post. It’s no secret Rob has been a part of the Elite Daily team since day one.

Minaj said she has not done 'the nasty' with him yet because she's 'chilling' and is 'celibate' and she wants to go a year without sex because she 'hates men.'The audience burst into nervous laughter then applauded.

She said she might make an exception to the rule for Nas though because she's so 'dope.'Ellen then applauded Nicki’s nine-minute opening performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

She added, however, that she wants to stay 'celibate' for a year. Him coming to me was too forward.'Ellen said if you go to his house you can leave when you want.

Nicki laughed and said that is why she likes Ellen, because she is so smart.

Throughout the video, Joe Jonas basically runs around naked with 23-year-old Charlotte Mc Kinney.

In other words, Christmas came early for Joe's diehard fans.

If you've been keeping up with Joe, you're well aware of the 27-year-old singer's steamy new music video for his band's new single.

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