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Right before he landed the role as Jim Halpert, which would come to define his career, he was down and out.

Which does not make for very good #Relationship Goals. But if you look past that, Jim is actually not very nice.

The first issue–the premise upon which I am basing most of this article–is that Jim Halpert is the most unrealistic male character ever featured on TV (other than, like, Damon Salvatore. Mindy Kaling, who wrote for before moving on to The Mindy Project, said that Jim is as “unrealistic and desirable a guy as there is out there.” So despite being desirable–which I will get to in a second–Jim does not approach any semblance of reality or substance, really, in his character. We love Jim because he’s played by John Krasinski, who is inherently lovable and adorable. Plus, when he was dating Karen, he in New York after a job interview.

I think that Jim and Pam are actually kind of the worst.

If you look deeper into their shiny listicle-coated veneer of a relationship (the greatest love story to ever take place at a paper distributing company!

, you're probably a hardcore Jam (Jim and Pam) shipper because HOW CAN YOU NOT SHIP THEM TOGETHER.

They start acting cute and adorable from the first episode and they're not even together because Pam is engaged to Roy.

She's incredibly badass, cool, and, obviously, extremely talented.

Blunt was nominated for an Oscar for her role in , and, most likely, Krasinksi will be her date on the red carpet.

It doesn't matter the situation you're in, always be honest about how you feel.

Jim tells Pam how he feels and it doesn't really end well. And then Jim starts dating Karen and Pam decides to open up about her feelings and tell Jim that she called off the wedding because of him.

From the first episode, we can tell that Jim has feelings for Pam and your heart is already feeling all the "Jam" feels.

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