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She received recognition from the United Nations (a Global Youth Forum Award). 113) Ross worked hard—attending class at Cass Technical School, studying fashion illustration, and singing background on the recordings of other Motown Records’ performers before scoring bestselling records as lead singer of the Supremes, many of them (“Where Did Our Love Go,” “Baby Love,” “Reflections”) written by Brian and Eddie Holland with Lamont Dozier.She was named by Guinness the bestselling female singer in history, but commercial success is not the final standard of Diana Ross’s career or life: her music albums—from her first solo record, Diana Ross (1970), to Surrender (1971), Touch Me in the Morning (1973), Baby It’s Me (1977), The Boss (1979), Diana (1980), Why Do Fools Fall in Love (1981), Swept Away (1984), Stolen Moments (1993), and Take Me Higher (1995)—and films Lady Sings the Blues (1972) and Out of Darkness (1994) are intelligent fun, meaningful entertainment: art; and she has lived a life of rare opportunity, even adventure, and style, a style rooted in femininity and imagination. (After diagramming the structure of “You Can’t Hurry Love,” Larry Starr and Christopher Waterman write in American Popular Music that “like all the great Motown hits, ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ submerges its many subtleties beneath an irresistible pop-friendly surface.” American Popular Music, Oxford Univ. 244) As other singers’ attempts to sing these songs demonstrate, Diana Ross’s voice—its silky, sulky quality, its verve—was the most appealing aspect of these recordings.Ross’s voice usually does not exude the impression of suffering, an impression that would negatively signify the past, and that is part of her modernism: free, she sings of the present and the future. Ross has said, “I think in a sense I provided a lot of the energy.

Most of the biggest chart successes of the past couple of years in the urban music field focus on the twin themes of the local club and neighbourhood environment, and sexual play and relationships.

In terms of the latter, while heterosexual romance has been a core element of teenage pop culture since the 1950s, never before has there been such consistent questioning of sexual conduct and motivation and such sustained foregrounding of women’s empowerment.

Diana Ross, a singer of songs of anticipation, fascination, and delight, is not only a distinguished singer and actress, she’s an American dream.

Ross was named Female Entertainer of the Century by Billboard magazine, received a special Tony for her stage show “An Evening with Diana Ross,” received numerous American Music Awards, and was nominated more than ten times for a Grammy Award and given the Heroes Award by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

She has won awards from the , and a Soul Train Heritage Award and a Black Entertainment Television Walk of Fame Award.

In France, Diana Ross was made a Commander in the Order of Arts and Letters.Is it possible for popular music to outlive its moment and become timeless? When the others didn’t show up for interviews or television shows or concerts, I was the one who was there.” (Lear’s, March 1992, p.Diana Ross was born March 26, 1944 to idealistic, hard-working African-American parents in Detroit, Fred and Ernestine Ross; and she said in her memoirs, Secrets of a Sparrow (Villard, 1993), that she was brought up to believe that anything was possible and that hard work was a part of that; and that ambition was simply part of her life force. I was a good swimmer, a good runner, nothing bored me. 108) The songs were popular across America and the world, beyond divisions of class, gender, and race.The story goes on to follow the awkward romance between Curly and Aunt Eller’s spunky niece, Laurey (Christine Cornish Smith), who is also being pursued by the intense, stalker-ish hired hand Jud Fry (Alexander Gemignani).Meanwhile, Laurey’s friend, the amorous Ado Annie (Jenni Barber) enjoys flirtations with various men but finds herself torn between her earnest suitor Will Parker (Clyde Alves) and a traveling peddler, Ali Hakim (Nehal Joshi), who just wants a fling with Annie but her protective father (Shaver Tillitt) has other ideas.Anyone keeping an eye on patterns of youth style in Britain over the last ten years cannot fail to have been struck by the increasing profile of Black music and its spinoffs in the media, advertising, fashion and leisure sectors, and, indeed, in spoken idiom and worldviews.


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