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Maria Belen Chapur photos emerge just as Jenny Sanford says she's praying for husband's mistress.

New details have emerged about Mark Sanford's mistress and his marriage, most compelling of which may be the latest photos of his mistress Maria Belen Chapur.

She didn’t bail him out when he asked for her help on how to save his sorry behind with the press. Maybe this is a new role model for all wronged spouses, not just political ones.

Instead, she packed up the kids and moved to their beach house on Sullivan’s Island near Charleston, S. She had hoped that rattling around in an empty governor’s mansion might help him get his priorities and values straight. has apparently concluded ~ correctly so ~ that the person who is humiliated by her husband’s affair is, in fact, her husband, not her. that Jenny phoned several key political allies and urged them not to call for Mark’s impeachment ~ “maneuvering that may have saved his job.

changed forever the paradigm of women standing by their powerful, cheating husbands. She kicked her narcissistic, emotionally and financially abusive, self-absorbed, cheap, cheating husband Mark (governor of South Carolina) to the curb. I didn’t want to make a rash decision that would bring down Mark’s career. Jenny drew strength from her faith as well as her mother Susan’s (a 25-year-cancer survivor) example: My mother never let the challenges of life divert her from her main goals.

I don’t think Tiger Woods would have apologized some 14 times to his wife Elin if it hadn’t been for Jenny Sanford. I was thinking of the boys, who didn’t deserve this. As the only survivor of an experimental cancer treatment program twenty years ago, she is an inspiration to me today because of her positive spirit.

Mark Sanford: Mistress Is My "Soul Mate"Last night LA Late published photos of Chapur, an Argentine television journalist and translator who was described in June to Huffington Post by a bartender who saw Sanford and Chapur on a cuddly date as having green eyes, dirty blonde hair and a "banging body." She's also a 43-year-old divorced mother of two.

Other recent photos suggest she's keeping a low profile these days.

Lawmakers finished pre-filing bills last week ahead of the session that starts Jan. Jenny Horne, R-Dorchester, delivered a fiery bring-it-down speech, buttressed by her statement that she was related to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, a claim that grated some flag advocates.) Ending laws that forbid: adultery; children under age 18 from playing pinball; seducing an unmarried women to have sex with the promise of marriage; challenging another person to an armed duel; opening dancing halls on Sunday; working on Sundays; opening stores on Sunday; and barring railroads from removing tracks in towns with more than 500 people, introduced by state Rep. Allowing concealed-weapon permit holders to carry guns into state courthouses, churches, hospitals and businesses that ban concealed weapons during a state emergency declared by the governor, introduced by state Rep. Preventing a doctor from prescribing erectile dysfunction medication until several requirements are met, including a notarized affidavit from one of the patient's sexual partners and having the patient visit a therapist, introduced by state Rep. Changing the duties of the lieutenant governor, when the governor and lieutenant governor start running on the same ticket in 2018, and allowing the governor to pick a successor if the lieutenant governor leaves office rather than automatically promoting the state Senate leader, introduced by House Speaker Pro Tempore Tommy Pope, R-York.

12, including legislation aimed at addressing October’s historic rainstorm and June’s mass shooting at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church. (A commission charged with displaying the flag has proposed a million-plus display, which some legislators say taxpayers should not have to pay.) Requiring documentation from a state representative who says they are related to another person while addressing the House, state Rep. (South Carolina has had to replace its lieutenant governor twice in the last five years, once when Lt. Ken Ard, R-Pamplico, resigned as he faced ethics charges and, again, when Ard’s Senate-elevated successor, former state Senate President Pro Tempore Glen Mc Connell, resigned to become president of the College of Charleston. Mark Sanford, R-Charleston, are dating again and will travel to her native Argentina for the holidays.

She says that while she and Mark are not two people madly in love, they were dear friends and very compatible partners.

She reveals that she too would like an exotic affair with someone 5,000 miles away, but considering their family, it's just not "realistic." In a graceful quote Jenny says she's praying for Maria Belen Chapur and thinks she must be a "fine woman," while she does question her judgment., "All I can do is forgive. I have put my heart and soul into being a good mother and wife.

got it right: Hers is not the story of a dull wife who was passed over for an exotic woman in Argentina, but rather the tale of the true captain of a family ship, unbowed by the squalls. And so she is not standing by his side, but she is not hiding in a hole, either. That detail goes unmentioned in the book.” Jenny’s dignity comes naturally to women from the society families of Chicago’s North Shore. Marriages are often more financial merger than romantic relationship.

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