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“You have entered my heart,” she told the blushing young woman in front of her, “and you’ll never leave it.” The rules of the show require each contestant to choose one of the celebrity judges as a mentor, and both Haddad and Shabbat seemed like fine choices for Ben Sheetrit.

Like them, she is a Mizrachi Jew, and by choosing to cover Haza—a pop star whose most famous hits were renditions of the traditional tunes her parents brought with them from their native Yemen—she was placing herself fairly close to Haddad and Shabbat’s own musical styles.

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“I’m looking for a way to cultivate my talent.” One of the show’s producers asked her if religion would get in the way; many Orthodox Jews consider the public singing of women immodest. “I think the Torah wants us to be happy,” she said. I think you can combine Torah and music, and this is why I chose to come on the show.” With that, she started singing an Israeli classic, Ofra Haza’s “Od Mechaka La’Echad.” Almost immediately, the judges began pressing the buttons that swing their tall chairs around to face the contestants.

Shlomi Shabbat, a veteran Israeli rocker, looked stunned. Sarit Haddad, the queen of what can only be called Israeli soul music, was barely less hyperbolic.

It’s an improvement, and here’s hoping we’re right now raising a generation of men who won’t need their girlfriends to be their mommies at all.

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The following day, police served the owner with a 30-day closure order, though they claimed it had nothing to do with the sex worker’s suicide and that they had been trying to shutter it for a long time, asserting it is a nuisance that operates at all hours in a residential neighborhood.

On condition that we not reveal where she works, Jenny agreed to sit down with Metro to discuss life in Israel’s sex industry.“Some days I only have two customers, others as many as 10,” she reveals.

Hence, the title: a Jewish girlfriend comes with As a Jewish woman who manages to have neither food nor medicine (nor Tylenol, tampons, a pen, a phone charger/charged phone) with her at all times, and for whom it has taken nearly two decades of living on the both coasts to vanquish a crippling Midwestern-ness so that I’m able to complain about girlfriend) as a sort of hyper-competent helpmeet whose main function is to get a passive man-child to step out of himself, get his life together and send his hamburger back to the kitchen (and then, presumably, to back up her Mary Poppins bag full of mango salsa and antihistamines and be on her way.) But it’s still a cute video, full of adorable people who seem genuinely untouched by previous decades of popular culture presenting these exact traits—the hypochondria, the need to feed, the pushiness, the ethnocentricty—as unattractive or even shameful.

For Millennial men, Jewish or not, who themselves are often stereotyped (unfairly) as childlike, passive, and unable to take care of themselves, these attributes are suddenly strengths, something a woman can .

They say she was 20 years old and was in the country for 15 years... I think maybe she had many other troubles with family and money; it happens,” says Jenny (not her real name).


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