Is kate winslet dating leonardo dicaprio

Things start off purely platonic, with Kate praising what a great friend Leo has been over the years: Yeah, Pussy Posse 4 Lyfe, am I right?

Models come and go, but you got to keep those bros by your side.

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RELATED: Kate Winslet Hopes Leonardo Di Caprio Wins His First Oscar This Year For Di Caprio and Winslet, it's been a whirlwind of an awards season and they've shared almost every pivotal moment together. We're going to have a great time," the star said at the time.

At the Golden Globes in January, Di Caprio revealed to ET that Winslet -- and her husband, to be fair -- was one of his dates for the evening. RELATED: Leonardo Di Caprio Explains His Hilarious Reaction to Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes Plus, he's itching to reunite with Winslet on the big screen for a third time, after the duo also starred in together. She's my favorite actress in the industry," the 41-year-old actor said.

As the footage circulated online, the internet briefly averted its gaze from Donald Trump, and oohed and ahhed with glee.

“LEO AND KATE ARE SO CUTE,” one person calmly Tweeted.

You need only close your eyes to remember the first time you sat down to watch the 1998 romantic blockbuster.

Not only was it a mega cinematic feat, the film taught us the importance of breaking down socioeconomic barriers, trusting your heart and not being blasé about icebergs.

So in lieu of his Oscars win, let's celebrate the most notable women he's dated since his glorious 41 years on our planet: In 1994, Bridget had the honor of being the first supermodel connection to young Leo.

Although they were never confirmed to be dating officially, they were often spotted getting close and personal on nights out.

Leonardo Di Caprio is known for many things -- he's a super talented actor, he's dedicated to various environmental causes and he's now finally an Academy Award winner.

Yet perhaps above all, we know him for his unashamed love for supermodels -- a certain breed of Victoria's Secrets Angels in fact.

Kate Winslet knows she's not married to Leonardo Di Caprio, right?


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