Is evgeni malkin still dating oksana

Evgeni Malkin has earned the reputation as one of the top players in the NHL, and has been one of the most productive players for the Pittsburgh Penguins since entering the league in 2006.

Off the ice, Malkin is a father and engaged to Russian TV personality Anna Kasterova.

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– Many friends were at my place for the New Year, they are back in Russia now.

When we’ll organize our marriage, you’ll know about it. – Your relationship must be not the easiest one, as you live in two different continents.

For example, when her visa period ended, and she had to return home, he bought her an apartment in Moscow.

How easy they turn, even though Sid has been nothing but amazing, and a talent you won't see probably for another decade. I read somewhere he got engaged to the latest Russian model type.

Evgeni Malkin is one of the most successful Russian hockey players, who made his career overseas, playing in the NHL for “Pittsburgh Penguins”.

Their love affair began when Evgeni lived in his native Magnitogorsk. The girl melted when she saw fireworks in her honor through her window. For a long time he had relationships with the model Oksana Kondakova, who is four years older than Malkin (She was born on February 23, 1984 in Magnitogorsk). He was recognized as the best player of the club and won several trophies, including the Stanley Cup in the season 2008/2009.In this translated interview, originally appearing on the Russian portal, Penguins star Evgeni Malkin discusses the All-Star weekend, talks Vladimir Tarasenko and Alex Ovechkin, and sheds some light on his private life. I remember that once the fans thrown popcorn at us. And fans love these games, where they can see fire in players’ eyes. The All-Star weekend pause helps in getting some rest. We don’t talk much together, we don’t have dinners together. Not only a great player, but also a very humble and good person. I noticed that Blues’ coach Ken Hitchcock trusts him more. As Ovechkin said, getting picked for the All-Star game is a sign that you’re still afloat. You can’t see anything similar in any other NHL arena. We [in Pittsburgh] know that the Flyers play that way, we practice hard for the games against them. – What does it mean to you to play at the All-Star game? – I’ll be frank, during the break players always want to rest. But the All-Star game is attended by people from many different cities, they vote their favorite players and everything is done for them. This is why he’s now much more confident and plays better. Like if he’s in a bad mood and I lift up my shirt, the world instantly improves. And he does this thing when he decides to be extra immature. And then he starts laughing uncontrollably, like it’s the funniest joke ever while I roll my eyes and ask myself why I married a straight man.


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