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Should he become king, the 68-year-old Prince will become the oldest-ever British monarch on accession.

The Daily Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle has suggested that Charles could pass the throne straight to William or abdicate after a short reign “as a means of expressing regret that he had to wait so long”.

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Shand graduated from Sandhurts and was commissioned in the 12th Lancers.

He served heroically during World War II, where he was captured and taken to Greece as a prisoner of War, later being transferred to Spangenberg.

The second season of Showtime’s hit show will take place during a sweltering Chicago summer.

Macy, will be still living with the neighbor woman, played by Joan Cusack.

The new BBC drama is set after the death of Queen Elizabeth, and follows Charles’s first days on the throne.

After he is presented with a troubling Parliamentary Bill, Charles refuses to give his royal assent, sparking a constitutional crisis that threatens to destroy the Royal Family.Who is Camilla Parker Bowles, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall?What is it about this earthy, chain-smoking dame that has enthralled the Prince of Wales for almost forty years? I dont want them to get married I think they are horrible together honestly.. supposidly they are getting married, they had broken up but got back together..But would Prince Charles ever step aside and let William be king?


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  7. A source told The Sun: 'Kevin always thought ITV axing Dancing on Ice was a mistake so now the idea of bringing it back is being looked at.

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