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On Wednesday night, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden must've had Halloween on the brain, because they decided to spend date night at LA's Haunted Hayride!

[ Related: Mindy Comes To Chrissy Teigen's Defense On Twitter ] Mindy admitted that her favorite photo (in the gallery above) from the shoot was the one of her in an Eres swimsuit worn under an Hermes jacket and pencil skirt. But it's hard to pick a favorite when there are so many gorgeous pics! The book, which is scheduled for release in 2014, is a picture book without pictures! How that works we don't know yet — but the publisher said it: Tags: bj novak, book, books, business blitz, childrens, cute kids, no, penguin young readers, pictures, publish, the office, words marathon!! ) The guys spent the day sipping beer, keeping their shirts on and gossiping.

The partygoer revealed: Tags: allison williams, back together, bj novak, flirty, housewarming party, john mayer, katy perry, love line, memorial day barbecue, mindy kaling, romance, sighting together! If John is the changed man he claims to be, he was dreaming about his California girl the whole time!!

' and then looking up and going, ' Where's B. ' They're just best buds, so they often seem to be connected with an umbilical cord. What am I talking about: I'd trade it for a more consistently positive relationship with Mindy Kaling.

Characters aren't joke machines to her, or types to satirize.

“I heard somewhere it was a tell-all which I actually found exciting, because that sounds sexy and I grew up looking like a little fat boy.” star didn’t detail what the book would be about, but told fans that it would definitely be “super cool and funny.” “For now we are researching,” she added.

PHOTOS: Hollywood's friendliest exes And though Kaling is currently single and focusing on her career — Hulu picked up her canceled Fox series earlier this year — the actress isn’t opposed to going on the occasional date.

Novak’s “weird as hell” relationship may want a definite answer as to how to label the famous pals’ friendship, but Kaling is okay with keeping things ambiguous.

“Like, oh, people are thinking about me like I’m a character.

As a person, she's incredibly sentimental, more than anyone I've met, but she's also incredibly sharp. That allows her to express real emotions without shyness, but also without clichés." "I would say it was a great and terrible chemistry, and it reflected what we were like in real life," the 34-year-old actor said.


  1. Anyways, I hope to meet some new people and make friends again.

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