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S.-government-owned ship designed to carry troops to a war zone, he said. The United States approached Canadian company Cameco to bid for the material, according Cameco spokesman Lyle Krahn. Krahn admitted that this was not a "routine transaction," but he said the agreement was approved by the Canadian government and was carefully monitored.The "yellowcake" uranium transfer was requested by the Iraqi government at the encouragement of the U. The undertaking, named "Operation Mc Call" by Pentagon officials, was in the planning stages for months and was completed Saturday after the material had been in transit for weeks, according to Whitman.

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Over the six hours in which he faced questioning, he went to great lengths to lay out the full sequence of events that ultimately led to his final legal advice in March 2003.

He did not feel there had been inconsistencies in his evolving views, nor did he believe that the political pressure on the government had weighed on him.

We saw the danger to both Iraq's cultural heritage—its unique museums and archaeological sites—and to our Iraqi colleagues who care for the museums, protect the sites, and conduct research. Jeffrey Quilter of the Dumbarton Oaks Foundation sent a memo to Dr.

John Francis at the Committee for Research and Exploration, suggesting that, as an independent non-governmental organization, the National Geographic Society was ideally situated to assess the actual situation with cultural sites in Iraq. Francis, I prepared a plan for a rapid assessment of Iraq's cultural heritage to follow upon any conflict, should that occur.

Wright, Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan and the National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration T. Wilkinson, The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, and the University of Edinburgh Elizabeth C.

Stone, Stony Brook University and Member of the American Academic Coordinating Committee for Iraq Cultural Heritage Mc Guire Gibson, The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, President, American Association for Research in Baghdad, and Member of the American Academic Coordinating Committee for Iraq Cultural Heritage Introduction Modern Iraq was the center of ancient Mesopotamia, the world's first urban civilization.

Lord Goldsmith has admitted he changed his legal view of the Iraq war but said it was "complete nonsense" to claim he did so because of political pressure.

Until a month before the 2003 invasion, the ex-attorney general believed it was "safer" to get a fresh UN resolution.

"Earlier in the interview, Trump talked about the heyday of Studio 54.

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